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She's taking more control...

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by CZSteve, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. OK, my Beautiful Wife / KH is taking more control.
    Weekend before last we had an outing at a benefit gala, I went unlocked as we didn't know what to expect and that was Her request; that evening I was I instructed to bend Her over and enjoy! :)

    Flash forward to this past weekend. Kept locked Friday night to Worship Her. Brought Her to an intense orgasm and then allowed to 'gently' worship her some more (She's VERY sensitive after an O). Gently sucked, licked, and rubbed her body for a bit; closed the night spooning with Her as the big spoon and holding me (Her property) in Her hand - It was bliss.

    Saturday night was a play night.
    Started w/ some Worshipping for a bit, ultimately stretched TIGHT w/ cuffs & rope on the bed and tormented (I Love) and apparently punished a bit for an under-the-bus comment I made during Thanksgiving (not bad, but uncalled for) - She cupped/stretched my balls and gave them a pretty good beating w/ the crop along w/ an intense flogging of my (Her) cock. I definitely felt crossing the line into punishment.
    Moved on to an intense hand job (told me I could cum) - Right at the pinnacle She stopped and gave me a perfectly Ruined-O.
    Quote: "You had an orgasm just last Saturday, so. . . "

    It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend.
    Don't get me wrong, I'll still want a real O when the time comes but so enjoy putting Her first.

    She want's to successfully milk me but have not had success yet; I'd also like to succeed - I'm wondering if an extended lock up time would help?

    Btw, last night I apologized for my comment and asked if She enjoyed punishing me; to which She grinned and said yes :) . . . I know She enjoys pushing me (not harming) and I deserved it.
  2. Sounds great! It's nice when it all starts coming together. You might find that you become less keen on having a full orgasm the more time goes on because you'd both be throwing away all that work!
  3. First off, please keep in mind we're new at chastity play and not in the camp of long term denial.

    Last night for Christmas I was to be unlocked after being caged for 15 days - 99.9% sure my Wife/KH was going to make me cum - she loves to watch me cum but has also been enjoying the control chastity aspect.
    Strapped down to our massage table, very strong prostate vibrator w/ cock ring, tormented by her fingers using the indirect cable and the violet wand - not terribly drawn out night and then brought to a very intense orgasm - it was a bit one-sided in my favor as She had her monthly visitor and has not been feeling her best; however, don't be too concerned - the ratio of O's have very much been in Her favor and will continue to be so.

    The interesting thing was my Wife's comment after.
    In our short time we've been playing the history has been that I'll sleep unlocked the night I've had a release; like most here I'm not craving to be locked after cumming.
    She looked at my and said I now have a decision to make - Either locked back up right away or choose to take a break thru the night but she'll add five days to my lock up time... so, given our history to date that'll put me at our longest and close to three weeks without release.

    This ultimatum had me serious debating what to choose - decided to remain unlocked for the night; we'll see how things go...

    BTW Mods - would it be best to move this thread to The Vault?
  4. Yesterday my Wife/KH texted that she's plans on letting me out as she needs a good fucking (I was 99.9% sure I was not going to be aloud to cum); while this was very hot and the whole concept of being used strictly for Her pleasure was a huge turn-on during the course of the day - this was not the 'hottest' thing.

    That night she held true to her word - I was unlocked, teased while I worshiped Her like it was my last meal, was allowed to penetrate while being told I was not allowed to cum, and ultimately brought Her to a beautiful orgasm with our magic wand - only to be locked back up put away until next time, I hope!

    Today received this beautifully hot and sadistic text:
    "I enjoyed last night. Enjoyed even more that you said you woke all night with attempted erections. Yes, I have that smile on my face right now"

    Hearing my Wife tell me she 'enjoyed' that I was suffering with frustration is a huge turn-on; immediately caused swelling and resistance against my cage. :D
  5. Great experience soley focusing on her pleasure!
  6. Sounds very muck like your on the road to nervana.