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Sissy Lifestyle - Thoughts/Ideas?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by nickcu, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been following chastity mansion for some time and was hoping to get some ideas from the Women and sissies on the board. My wife and I are interested in creating a D/s arrangement with me as her sissy. We've done D/s scenes in the bedroom and last year spent several months with me as her sub in varying degress on chastity. She hasn't cucked me yet but its always a possibility if she meets the right Dominant Male.

    Anyway, my wife is very good at enforcing rules but not great at coming up with them so I have been working on a list of rules/behaviors/ideas that I thought the group would fine interesting.

    Its still a work in progress - I have a couple of weeks to present it to my wife and get her feedback and approval, so I will try to make updates as I come up with them. Would appreciate any ideas or comments other's might have and it would be great if other sissies could share some of the rules that govern their lives.

    Whatever we eventually come up with will be the "contract" between Her and me for at least the next four months or so (we are going to try it through the end of the year) and once we begin, I will try to make regular posts of how it goes. Also, if there are any Dominants, sissies, cucks in Texas (ideally in or near the DFW area) that would like to chat, we'd love to meet others!


    sissy kiki

    First Crack at Rules for a Contract


    1. Must understand at all times that he is not a real man (non-sissified male who has the right to dictate his own life), but a humiliated sissy slut whose purpose in life is to serve dominant women as well as amuse them with his pathetic nature.
    2. May never have any notions of being the equal of a real man, Mistress, or other superior person.
    3. May only refer to his genitalia as a cocklette, dicklette, sissystick, clit or related terms and must always use the description little, pathetic, small or tiny
    4. Required to recite sissy mantra nightly
    5. At Mistresss discretion, slave is not allowed to use pronouns (I, Me) but must use an appropriately humiliating name (need to come up with list of names)

    1. Must be in panties 24/7; not allowed to own boys underwear
    2. Required to only wear sissy/femme attire at home
    3. When no-risk of detection, daily work/outer wear attire can include pantyhose, cami, bras/sports bras
    4. Must wear nighties, babydolls etc to bed
    5. Must wear collar whenever in the house

    1. The sissy is required to maintain a toned, slim appearance.
    2. The sissy is required to keep weight at or below 165 pounds under pain of discipline. Sissy will be required to lose XX pounds each week until reaching goal
    3. Sissy is required to keep all body hair below the neck removed. Can use weekly shavings, creams or waxing.
    4. Sissy is required to keep toenails polished in appropriate femme shades
    5. Sissy is required to wear clear polish on fingernails

    1. Sissy will help Mistress identify groups and/or Dominants to play with including: Maintaining account and, if required, checking emails and/or identifying possible playmates; Identifying D/s-Gor groups for Mistress to participate in; Helping Mistress prepare for evenings out
    2. The slave will understand that as a sissy, he ranks wells below any Real Men Mistress interacts with and will be have accordingly.

    1. The sissy has few rights
    2. Privileges
    a. Being allowed to walk
    b. Being allowed to make eye contact
    c. Being allowed on furniture
    d. Being allowed to eat from table with plates/silverwear
    3. Sissy is *not* allowed to backtalk or question Mistress
    4. If sissy is ill or very busy, it can cut back on chores but can never revert to a freed state

    1. Required to have time of month including carrying tampons and wearing very bulky pads in panties
    2. Where possible, sissy is kept in chastity
    3. Chastity device is removed at Mistress discretion
    4. Sissy should be punished for even minor violations
    a. Need to come up with list of punishments
    b. Sissy should thank Mistress for punishing it
    5. Sissys primary sex organs are its mouth and ass
    6. Sissy is required to spend time each day with ass plugged or having ass fucked
    7. Sissy must beg Mistress to fuck its ass regularly
    8. Sissy should be kept in some state of bondage as much as possible
  2. Wow - what an awesome first post!

    I think that is a great start to a contract, and as with all contracts it will grow and evolve over time.

    Gor.... a term I haven't heard for ages! I used to spend HOURS in the Gorean chat rooms when I first found out about D/s. I was a sub then!

    Welcome to the site!
  3. Welcome to the Mansion sissy kiki. That's quite the list for a little sissy to start out with. A few weeks of that will suppress any male behaviors quite nicely.
  4. Well that's quite a list nickcu. I do hope you can fulfill them all without any punishment. You do want to stay all sweet and demure don't you? Your list didn't mention what happens if you don't follow the rules? Should there be some kind of punishment or further humiliations in store for you?

    Maybe you need to expose what are your most vulnerable humiliations that she could use as punishments - or rewards (since it probably turns you on). Gosh this stuff can be confusing!
  5. Thank You so much Mistress Watchful for Your kind welcome!

    I did rather hope it would be a good start for a contract and am excited about how it may evolve over time. My wife switches (obviously) and really enjoys Gor though its not something I'm obviously able to help Her with when She feels like serving.

    Thank You again for Your kind response - I look forward to being an active member!
  6. Thanks so much for Your response and welcome Miss D! I've long been a big fan of Your blog and take a lot of inspiration in it! Hopefully, the contract (and my Wife's/Mistress enjoyment in being strict) will help supress my male-ness to Your satisfaction :)
  7. Thanks for your response, lauren! You are right - I really do need to think about punishments and humiliations as well as rewards. Last year when W/we first tried implementing a 24/7 D/s arrangement, my Wife/Mistress had me put together a list of rewards and punishments that She then had me write out on little strips of paper and put in little boxes. She'd then have me pick one out of the box (so randomly). It was a good idea - and perhaps how we will go again, though I need to really work on a better list of punishments, humiliations and rewards. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
  8. Most newbies are overly concerned with rewards and punishment. There is something very attractive about the dynamic that rewards and punishments suggests and if you are into role playing the dynamic has its uses. but for long term serious power exchange I think that punishments should come often and randomly, at the whim of the Mistress. The fact that the punishment is random and arbitrary serves to reinforce the total power that you Mistress has over you. Any attention from your Mistress is your reward, whether it is a caress or a flogging. If she is adept enough in giving you punishment is will eventually be as much or more of a reward than a caress, an orgasm or massage. So, if it were my contract I would add that Mistress may punish her sissy in any way and at any time she sees fit- she needs no reason. Also I would add that sissy is to receive no rewards for good behavior- only whatever attention Mistress decides to give her either harsh or soft. Studies I have read from time to time suggest that conditioning is more successful when given randomly. And don't forget that the punishment (if done well) is a reward.
    If the reward and punishment game is important to you both, you could include a provision for role play but I would avoid making role play the central feature of your D/s relationship, unless you're just talking about kinky weekend fun.
  9. i long for the day when punishment can be immediate, when Mistress has Her paddle handy at all times. unfortunately W/we live with 3 young adults so W/we are rarely alone. W/we have a date night every week on Friday, Saturday or Sunday...that's when i get punished based on what's been added to my book of transgressions during the week.
  10. PT109 - thanks for the very thoughtful advice. I wonder if a punishment/reward structure is something that can be helpful in the early stages and then perhaps can be phased out as the arrangement progresses.
  11. It might work that way, but why set up a situation where there is conflict between the Mistress and the sub? IMHO the sooner the sub submits completely the sooner the actual power exchange occurs. And the sooner you let go of all power the sooner you will experience the thrill of subspace with no boundaries other than those imposed by your Mistress. If your Mistress wants the role play in order to practice punishing you and maybe using your "transgressions" to alleviate guilty feelings about giving pain, then that's another matter. Many young Dommes have to go through a stage where they overcome feelings of guilt in giving pain. It's not until they realize how much pleasure and bliss they are giving that they relax and enjoy their own power over their sub.
  12. sissy kiki,

    Looks like its been 4 weeks since your original post. Like me, I'm sure there are others who would like to know how its going so far. That was one heck of a list to start with. Did it ever happen, or was that too much initally?

    I always like to hear of other wives who take control of their husbands.

    Mistress Karen
  13. As a sissy, i have some rules Women i've served have required of me so this seems like a place to share them.
    i am to be as lady like as possible, what females do, i must do. what females see as guy stuff or behavior, i am to avoid.
    A sissy admits and fully knows she is not a full grown up and sex is something between a woman and a man or between two women as equals.
    A sissy belongs in and wears feminine panties, bras and frilly items, some far to femme for real grown up women, and a sissy is not ever allowed boys undies, those are designed for men with cocks & balls to offer a woman, something a sissy doesn't have nor can never offer to a real woman.
    A sissy is always dressing femme at home and when appropriate, or as ordered.
    Exposure to others is a function of a woman's whim, and a sissy must be proud to be shown or displayed to others by a woman, even if shy.
    a sissy is told when there is to be sex, not ever to ask for it. A sissy's sex organs are their mouth, fingers, tongue and bottom.
    i am to refer to my sissy parts and reactions in feminine ways, clittie, silly sissy wee-wee, pussy, sissy cunt, sissy cunt cream, etc.
    A sissy doesn't cum like a gown-up does, she wets her panties when excited, makes sissy dribbles or makes a "silly sissy creamie," referred to as a "creamie" or a "silly." Sometimes a sissy is ordered to beg to make a "silly" for the amusement of women.
    i am to support a woman in any way she wants, to listen to her like her best GF, or to help her shop for anything from food or personal items, hygiene items or to buy sexy items for her dates, with either men or other women, and to assist her in her dressing and grooming, or a massage or brushing/combing her hair. i am to wait for her to call or her return, to to listen to whatever she wants to share with me. A sissy must never challenge nor argue, a sissy is an extension of her will.
    If a sissy falls in love with the woman she serves, the woman is under no obligation to return that love, it is expected that sissies will love as a one way street or may the woman will see her sissy as a beloved pet, but not actually anything like or similar to a real adult.
    i have been told people who wear panties pee sitting down and wipe lady-like when done and wash their hands afterwards.Sissies make "sissy tinkles," and must ask and be granted permission to make "sissy tinkles" like a good sissy girl.
    When in public, a sissy must ask her owner is she can use the little girls room or the little sissies room.
    As a sissy i have been trained and has a duty to pamper and serve a woman. Often, a sissy must serve a woman when she needs relief, with her mouth fingers or vibe/dildo. She a woman needs to pee, a sissy undresses her, and makes sure she is comfortably seated and waits and wipes her after she pees and helps her redress.

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