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Steelworxx Modified Revenge For Sale

Discussion in 'SOLD' started by matteus, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. I have a Steelworxx modified Revenge chastity device for sale. Please see photos attached.

    It comes with a PA fixing. I had the cage end hinged to aid cleaning without taking the device off. It also has extra holes for ventilation and cleaning. I find these are not a problem i.e. no swelling out of them when I try and grow etc.

    It has an integral lock which is much more discrete than the normal padlock. The curve on the cage also makes it look more natural under clothes and you really don't notice it is there. This is a very comfortable device. An attempted erection only gives a pleasant pressure feeling. No pain just frustration! I slept soundly in this device.

    There are two A rings 1 6/8 and 1 5/8. Both have eyelets attached for fixing of a harness. I used a harness made of black cloth tape with quick release clips. It supported the weight of the device (although it is nowhere near as heavy as a Lori device) and by attaching underneath stopped it rising up and crushing my balls when I tried to get hard. You will forget you have this device on and it is perfect for long term wear. It looks good and is very secure with the PA fixing too!

    Cage dimensions would suit the smaller man. It is 2 1/2 inches long and 1 1/8 inches in diameter.

    My reason for sale is I had another made almost identical but with Dietmar's lockable harness welded on. This has a front plate which has been engraved with my Wife and Mistresses message. I wasn't allowed out of this one to get it modified! It is not needed now I have it's replacement..

    Being made of hypo allergenic surgical stainless steel and having workmanship of the highest quality this device is as new. It has been sterilised for safety though just in case.

    The device cost 380 EUR and is less than a year old. I am open to offers over 200 that's around 226 EUR.

    If you want to make an offer or have any questions please email me at mat_teus@yahoo.co.uk or post here.

    Once this device goes it cannot be returned so please ask all your questions before you buy. Carriage will have to be discussed when I know where you live.

    Thank you.


    PS. I also have an Exobelt X1 with two sizes of ball cage, various parts for a CB3000, CB6000 and CB6000s which I will be putting up for sale once I have some photos done. I'm having a clearout now we have found the ultimate device that's fits and suits me.:happy0158:

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  2. It's a brilliant piece of workmanship, but eventhough I'm not well endowed, I'm afraid it would be too small for me, else I'd be glad to take it of your hands :sad0004:
  3. Hi, is the Steelworxx still for sale?

  4. Sorry I didn't see this before. Yes it is still for sale at the moment.

    I have been locked up in my newer version of the modified steelworxx revenge since June 20th so this one is surplus to requirements. My wife/mistress tells me I'm not getting out until Christmas 'at the earliest' which means I'm never going to be wearing this one again. :eek:

    It would be good to see it go to a good deserving home! :p
  5. Hi,

    so how exactly does the PA connection/lock work? is it really 'unescapable' like a Lori tube PA?
  6. If you had strong bolt cutters you could possibly cut the PA fixing on the side, being extremely careful not to catch any skin. You would then be able to possibly pull out of the back with part of the PA fixing still attached to your PA ring. The device would still be trapped on your balls though. The only way to get that off would be to drill out the brass integral lock. Anyway you look at it you would have to destroy the device to get out and you could do that with a Tollyboy belt or any other.

    The Lori is probably the ultimate in security but not everyone can wear them. They can be heavy and pull on the piercing.

    If you look at the photos above you will see the PA fixing has a chain on the end. You attach this to your PA ring then slide it over the two prongs on the cage. It all then pushes into the A ring to be locked. The chain allows for some movement of the cock inside and therefore there is no pulling on the piercing. You cannot get access to the PA ring through the bars (I had these made closer together) to cut the chain or open the ring.

    It all makes it extremely comfortable and totally secure in my opinion.

    I hope that helps.


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  9. Nothing to do with selling this device but it occurred to me how much more mainstream Male Chastity is becoming.

    There have been 150 page click through's to the listing on eBay and 16 people are watching it with 3 having already bid on it.

    Compare this with a TV I also have for sale on eBay. 7 click through's and 2 people watching, no bids !

    Maybe I should amend the TV listing to include male control hypnosis DVD's or something :)
  10. Do you have both keys or just the one?
  11. I have both keys. Just two hours left of the eBay auction.
  12. i bought it!
  13. Thanks for the quick payment Steve. I'm packing it now and will post tomorrow am.

  14. great thanks Mat, can't wait to receive it!