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That time of year again! Nettles!

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by petevans, May 1, 2011.

  1. Having done a search in the Forums on the subject of nettles/nettling, I haven't been able to find any threads on the subject. Just wondering if any of CM's Dominant Ladies use [or have used] nettles as form of CBT/Torture. Also have you managed to make a male sub produce more than pre-cum, i.e. make him ejaculate? by stimulating a sub's cock/prick?

    I have used nettles many times over the years - after having them used on me by an ex-girlfriend. I use a piece of plasterboard with a hole in it & pull through cock & balls. Then using a fly swatter pull several nettles through the holes, then brush my tackle with it. After a few minutes I produce copious amounts of precum. I'm sure continued stimulation of the frenum area could produce an ejaculation! Brushing against testicles causes quite a reaction with red lumps appearing. I have also used leather gloves to brush against whole genital area. Yes the stinging does indeed linger for quite some time! You can also use a large wooden spoon - with a length of selloptape place cut lengths of stinging nettles on the sello-tape (stalk parts). then stick the tape length ways to the middle part of one side of the handle, then repeat for the other side.

    An idea for a Dom - get nettles planted in a large indoor plant pot. Then when growing nicely - get sub to squat over them lower & lower! One can also have some funny reactions. Also place on a box or stool & get your naked sub to walk up to it & push his prick into the little devils! One time my girlfiend got me to pick loads & loads of them - then place them on a closed sleeping bag placed on the floor. I then had to lie down on my stomach on top of them. From memory I think it took about 4 days for the stinging to subside completely. NB you may want to test a small area for any allergic reaction!
  2. Yes, they are great fun to use but I didn't notice my husband producing any extra pre-cum even when I'd spanked his penis.

    I like your ideas of the sleeping bag and indoor pot of nettles.

    A wildlife area in your garden can also be fun.

  3. Nettles have been something my girlfriend enjoyed fully. Myself I just hated them as they won't hurt / sting, but will just burn / itch for about 4-5 days.
    Something I had to figure out the hard way: Nettles with blooms are not that bad as nettles without and stems are worse than leave.

    Sleeping bag with nettles ? I am not that much into toxins, but couldn't result it into some unwished reaction if you are exposed to them for several hours ?
  4. Mistress once stuffed some fresh young nettles into our cock enlargement suction tube and then placed it over my limp member and said that to avoid being stung I had to resist her pumping. Unfortunately just the thought of it got me stirring ... how she laughed as I failed miserably ...

    Just make sure you have some anti-histamine cream or dock leaves at hand.
  5. I guess the thread title should now be amended to 'That time of year again! Nettles (Not!)
    Reason being I have noticed that nettles are not stinging as much now, they still sting but haven't got that killer kick! I don't think I've become that immune.

  6. The reduced sting may be due to the dry weather, as the ones we found on a riverbank recently seemed effective.


  7. You may well be right - although these were quite close to a brook. Anyway have started growing my own in a pot - did have them up on the bedroom window-sill to get maximum sunlight but thought better of it, since from a distance people might think I was growing marijuana! I am surprised they sem to have taken off quite well. I am keeping them well watered.

    I have also noticed the ones very much darker - almost wet looking are much much stronger. I have noticed the ones in the pot are not as yet a very dark green. I do remember seeing some like that a few weeks ago which were in quite a shaded part of an alleyway. Will have to see if they come back with a bigger sting come Sept!

  8. Update: Not there have many more posts on this thread, but after reading up about the benefits of nettles - I decided to buy some seeds (small nettle variety). So will be planting shorty - will post further once they have grown. Planning on growing them indoors.
  9. wifey tried holly in my pants a couple of times, no reactions with that and no lingering stinging, was a very goood feeling of pain, she used to give my pants a squeeze when i complained, that soon learned me to shut up and stop complaining.

  10. I look forward to your posts and believe that the nettles that give the most benefits have the most sting! I It would be nice if you could try watering some plants more than others to see if that has any effect on the strength of their stings.
  11. Hi Rita,

    Hey so good to hear from you, it had become very quiet in here. I just love the way you think, "believe that the nettles that give the most benefits have the most sting!

    I haven't gotten around to planting them yet, but am quite excited - yes you make a good point - got some fresh topsoil today - have plenty of compost so hopefully will try & sort out tomorrow. Not quite sure how long they''ll take to grow but imagine it will be several weeks. As you can tell I have no previous experience!!

    Cheers Pete
  12. Pete
    I've never tried growing nettles (or much else if I'm honest) but this link may be useful:
  13. Thanks Rita, very interesting article - but think one needs to a biologist to fully understand. What is interesting is that Small Nettle Latin name: Urtica urens is 'smaller, has much shorter catkins, and the leaves are more rounded. Small Nettle does not sting as strongly as does Stinging Nettle'.Common nettle Latin name: Urtica dioica L. I've actually bought both types - so will be interesting testing both!

    Also amazingly;
    The historical utilisation of the stinging nettles has been long and traditionally relevant for many herbalists. John Gerard was a prominent 16th-century herbalist who first used the herb as an antidote to beat back cases of poisoning and the juice of the nettle paradoxically is known to be an excellent antidote for the irritation of caused by the stinging hairs of the nettle. Source: http://www.herbs2000.com/homeopathy/urtica_urens.htm

  14. Pete
    Thanks for the tip, I'll make sure I use stinging nettles.
    I agree about the knowledge required, all I understood was that they like sunlight.
  15. What about using them when the sub is begs for release? You can jerk off, but only with nettles in your hands. If the sub doesn't want to jerk off with nettles, he is obviously overacting about his need to ejaculate and doesn't need a release.
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  16. Nah not even I would want to do that - nettle stings on your hands are murder.

    Besides if the top were looking to cause pain to the penis itself - this wouldn't really acheive it. Well perhaps for about 20 secs or so - because if you were pressing leaves into penis with quite a bit of pressure then the sting is actually less. But if desired effect was to inflict pain to the hands the same thing.

    An alternative might be a better idea to stoke the penis with the nettles & orgasm only allowed if acheived through this method. I haven't progressed further than producing a load of pre-cum. However I think it's perfectly feasible if stimulation was applied for long enough!

  17. Thought I'd check in on this thread, but am surprised to see that there haven't been any new posts to it! Am really interested to see if any of the CM Lady/Mistress members use these as a form of punishment? Surprisingly I now have some growing at the bottom of my garden!
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  18. Looking at the ones near where I live the first crop should be ready to be harvested if you're feeling brave.
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  19. First thanks for the Like! Not sure about brave but definitely Masochistic! But to answer Yes!

  20. I've noticed, in the past, that I get an erection when my soft penis is brushed with nettle leaves.
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  21. My impression is that stinging nettles are much more common in the UK and Europe than in the US (I don't know if we even have them here). My understanding is a stinging/irritation as opposed to a pricking like you woudl get with holly. It sounds like a short-term version of poison ivy.
  22. How painfull are nettles on the balls? Or is it more irritating than pain?
  23. Try it and see! I don't find it painful - though I do on other parts of my body.
  24. Called urtication the original viagra !

    Xx Wendy
  25. Well I'd say it is painful, but it's an instant kind of pain but then subsides somewhat although continues to sting a bit. It's also depends on how the nettles are applied, that is gently brushed is far worse than if pressed on hard onto skin.

    But the only way you can feel what it is like is to try it for yourself. Although the effectiveness of them will only be valid for only a short while longer. Possibly until end June.


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