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The Fort Chastity Device

Discussion in 'The Mall (Devices)' started by TCFun, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I wonder why they didn't reverse the pins, as the CB6K?
  2. Fort photos

    Photos showing CB2000, Fort, CB6000S side by side, wearing Fort and showing backside so you can see the pin protrusion.

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  3. Ohhhh fabulous, thank you! :anim_65:

    Actually those pins don't protrude as much as I thought they would.
  4. I sure those pins could be ground down a bit with the right tools! I hope they make a short, then I am in!
  5. Anyone willing to spend $250 for a steel chastity device should be able to find $30 in their budget to buy a Dremel tool, which will shorten and smooth those pins in about 30 seconds. I see that today the Fort is listed as being "Out of Stock" on Extreme Restraints web site. I wonder if demand was higher than they thought, or if they need to make an agreement with the Miller's about copying their design?
  6. So what about steelworxx.de? I think I would like stainless steel better then chrome, and there are no side vents (which I consider a plus). I’ve been tempted to suggest to my KY either a Crossfire or a Revenge, but I haven’t really seem too many reviews of either of these. I like the look of those two models as I’m concerned about hygiene and feel I need to be able to get a qtip in the tube like I do now with the cb6000 device.
  7. I still think mature metal has the best device around for the money!
  8. Well, I have been wearing my Fort for the last few days and it is very comfortable. The split ring design does mean that you can get a tighter fit while still allowing easy removal. Since the pins are steel I have taken to wearing 2 rings (the 2nd smallest and the middle size rings). This stops the pins sticking into your body without having to have a big space between the a-ring and the cage.

    2 rings has also increased the security and I feel that I cannot escape from the rear with this configuration and the tighter rings. My Wife loves it and thinks it looks like something from Terminator!!!

    In all respects this is a stainless steel copy of the CB3000 and I notice that Extreme Restraints is showing the device as out of stock - which may be the first sign of a legal issue?

    The weight is not too much of an issue. Personally I like the additional weight, especially with the 2 ring configuration. I will post more as my experiences develop.
  9. Glad to know you like the device, i like the way it looks & thinking about getting one if i don't go ahead & get a loritube for my frenum piercing. :butterfly:
  10. I love the look of the Fort. Let me know if they arrive for sale in the UK! (Not keen on having it posted and opened by customs!)
  11. I'm surprised that you would be shy about customs inspectors seeing your chastity device. I would bet that they see things that are WAY more unusual than that!
  12. Customs opened our Lori device and checked it... Ms Lori went off her HEAD about it!!!!!
  13. I assume that, as with the CBx000 designs, security is only as good as the lock (which is too easy to pick) and coming is as easy as getting a cotton bud through the slot or using a vibrator on it.

    Have they done anything at all to address these faults?
  14. no lock

    No lock is included so you can use a better lock if you want but it still requires a small lock. The vent holes and urine hole, for me, are located so I cannot get off but with other penis sizes, shapes it may be possible. The tube is longer than the CB6000S. It is very similar to the CB6000 but made of metal so any shortcomings of the design of the CB6000 will most likely be in the Fort but since it is metal it is less prone to breakage the the CBx000 series which tend to break.
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    What sort of Lori did you order?

    And what piercing does your pet have?

  16. So does anyone have any more feedback on the fort and it's comfort level? I would love to hear how this is now that it has been out a while. thanks in advance for your help.
  17. Does anyone know if the Points of Intrigue for CB-3000 work on the Fort?
  18. Everything is identical so yes, POI will work with the Fort - although metal POI would be more interesting....:)
  19. A Few Thoughts

    Great reviews on the Fort OP. I have tried a few stainless devices in the past (namely Steelheart) but regardless of fitting, found it far too easy to pull out the back due to the weight and angle of the unit, the smooth shape of the tube and an inability to retrofit with an effective anti-pullout device (my current favorite is the G-3 in a CB-6000).

    The fort looks like it might have the tube shape to keep the cock head well positioned. Any idea whether it can take a KSD-G3? That is a huge deal for security for me. Finally, it took me awhile to get a metal device with a tight enough fit (10 MM) to insure my balls would not slide between the ring and the tube. Any input on this would be really helpful - still in search of the perfect chastity device.

  20. Resubmit what i wrote in another thread

    I was asked this;

    Have a question about the fort.. I have been doing some reading and I read that it is heavy and when you sweat it starts to slide off... have you noticed this...also can you get out of it?

    Here is my answer.

    The Fort is heavy but if you use the correct size base ring with the correct spaces it will not slide off. However with that said the whole unit will pull the cock and balls down. I have sent two days walking around the house naked with the Fort on. It has not slid off yet. Remember, it acts just like the CB 3000, the space between the bottom of the cage and the base ring has to be narrow enough for the testes not to go through once you are in the unit but enough not to constrict the blood vessels going to the testes. If some one to walking around naked the sweat is not a problem. In addition if you are in clothes than wear tight jockeys, not boxers. The tight jockeys actually help keep the Fort in place and holds it close to your body.

    I use lotion twice a day while in The Fort so that makes my cock area even more slippy and I have no problems with it sliding off. Again it's the ring size and spacers combo that makes the unit work effectively for you.

    For example last Sunday (02-28)I started with the base ring size of 1.75" and wider spacers. Then on Tuesday morning when I was in the shower I noticed my left testicle drew back into my body. I didn't feel it go back in (In the past I felt it go back in and it hurts. Tuesday night I went to the next smaller ring, 1.62" and the same spacers and went all week with that combo. But last night my balls were hurting from the tight ring. I don't know if it was the ring of the massive hard on I was have, but I have had massive hard ons the days before while in the Fort. So today I am working on new combo to include the KSD. I sanded the KSD from my CB3000 to fit the Fort and will see if that will work. My concern it the tab the locking pin goes through for the KSD is the same width as the spacers I use but the KSD extends the cage to narrow the space between the cage and the base ring.

    As for getting out of the Fort. I have a 0g PA ring that the diameter of the ring is wider than that of the cage's diamter. Once I am placed in the Fort I put the ring through my PA and I am then unable to pull my cock out. (See picture of the ring and cage relation on my profile, comment on the picture please) Now if my PA ring is not in then I can easily pull my cock out but I cannot put it back in because it is too flacid to push in. And with the space between the cage and the base ring I cannot pull my balls out. So if I pulled my cock out and masturbated, my cock would be hanging out laying next to the cage and the whole unit still attacked to me. The punishment I would recieve if I was discovered like by my Mistress more then likely be an added month to my time in the Fort.
  21. I got my Fort yesterday and wore it for a few hours after it arrived. I found it to be pretty comfortable and i like the weight of it, although naked it can take it's toll on the balls. I wear tight breifs anyway so it works out pretty good. my main problem with it was that all the cutouts, vents, pee hole, etc, seemed to be sharp. they were cut out but the edges of them were not beveled or rounded at all, making for a hard or sharp edge. (by the way, i bought this on ebay so i'm maybe a little worried i got a fake) has anyone else experenced this issue? Also, the seems down the sides on the inside werent terribly smooth and where they meet at the opening at the tip there was a sharp edge on each side. anyway, i used a grinding tool on my dremel to smooth everything out. all the problem areas are inside or on the bottom of the tube so it still looks just as nice everywhere else after the smoothing. I wear two rings (second largest and 3rd largest) behind the balls and use the small spacer between them and the cage. I can already tell that pullout would be much more difficult than the cb6000 i have had the past 6 months. the two rings also help to prevent it from hanging so low, although it does add extra weight. Like i said, i kind of like that. it seems slightly shorter than the cb6k and has a bit more room inside the cage, making it a bit easier to put it on. Also, the weight of the device makes it much more difficult to have an erection which pulls it away from the body because it's pulling down pretty hard on my cock. I would say it does make my balls hurt a little, like blue balls, compared to the cb6k but i'm sure it's a matter of getting used to it. I never owned a cb3k so i can't compare it to that but i like the feel and love the look. wish it came in a gun metal finish. OH, and i get NO pinching and pulling on my pubic hairs like the rings do on my 6k. that was highly annoying to me and i really hoped this device did not have that issue so i'm pretty happy. The wife has me unlocked right now so i'm testing it out and will show it to her next time she locks me up which should be pretty soon. hopefully she will like it and not be upset i purchased it without telling her.
  22. It is IDENTICAL to the CB3000

    I have been wearing the fort and POI without relief for 4 weeks now.
    As I have said in numerous Fort threads... It is IDENTICAL to the CB3000 so if it works with the 3000, it'll work with the fort.

    It is heavier than the CB - der! - but it has never slipped off, fallen out or anything.
    I have recently stepped down to a smaller ring and now it feels even more secure but it has the same pitfalls at the CB3000. If you can wiggle your way out of the CB3000, you can wiggle your way out of a Fort - because IT IS IDENTICAL.
  23. Grape Nuts

    i moved down a ring size so i'm using the 2nd and 3rd smallest now. it feels much tighter and more secure but the only question i have is my balls are quite purple. they dont really hurt any worse than before but they look like a couple of plums hanging under my cage. is that safe? my balls have only turned that purple when under intense tease and denial. any info on that would be great. i would hate to see my balls fall off some day :)
  24. ok, so it's been a few more hours and things are working themselves out. my balls have turned more back to the normal color and the pain is subsiding. the body just has to adjust to new things i guess. if i remember to the first week in the cb6k, it was pretty similar. the only objection i am finding is the hard edges on the device. i keep getting some pain from them and then grinding them down with the dremel but i keep realizing i want almost all the edges of the device more rounded off. the rings are rounded, of course, but the reset of the cuts leave a pretty distinct edge. for instance, the outer edge of the plate on the cage, where the pins come out, has really hard edges. i was making out with my KH and the pain i was esperiencing from those edges was pretty bad. it almost felt like it could cut me. so tomorrow i will be grinding those edges down as well. I'm sure with enough modifying it will be pretty great. I just wonder why no one else has said a word about that. has anyone thought the same thing about the fort or did i possibly buy an imitation? I know it's already an imitation of the cb-3000 but i was surprised by how many "sharp" areas were against my skin. anyway, its still on and all is well. I'll update if anything changes.