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The Slave Register

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Mistress Watchful, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Who here is on the slave register?

    Why did you decide to become registered?

    What does it mean to you?

    If you are not registered, would you like to be? Why?
  2. Mistress registered me. We are thinking of using the number on a tattoo but if i was thinking i would of got the number on my tag when it was engraved.

  3. Yeah, I'm on it my number is 925-404-652. I thought it would be a good way of declaring my status as an owned sub. Haven't really been on it much.

    It's funny you should bring it up today as I was on it this morning after not bothering with it for a while. I didn't realise that it was connected to Informed Consent which seem to be the best way of finding out about local happenings.

    The jewellery with the codes on seem quite cool, would be a good reminder of a subs place.
  4. To both of you, I know there are places on the net that do the full barcode on a dog-tag type pendant.

    I didn't realise they were linked to IC either actually.
  5. The people who made my collar will put a perm tag on one of there collars too with the bar-code on it. They also do a tag that slips over the clasp (shame my collar won't open anymore without some hassle) http://wyredslave.com/catalog1.html & http://wyredslave.com/slavetags.html you can see the tag better on the second. Being a geek the bar-code would have to be scanable with my bar-code reader :p engraved bar-codes can be problematic with bar-code readers (depends on how they do it :) ). But yeah they still look cool :)
  6. LOL - it's ok, I don't think anyone would pick you up by accident and try and scan you at a checkout!

    Yes, they do look cool.
  7. I hope you don't mind me answering this Emma.

    I registered Dan because I wanted to let him know that I took our relationship as M/S seriously. I felt it another step to strengthen our bond together. I also loved the idea of having that # tattooed on him at some point. The option to have it engraved on jewelry is pretty cool.

    Dan also has access to the password in case he ever needs it. I didn't think it was fair to keep it all to myself, just in case he and I ever part ways (he gets married or whatnot). That # will always be his :)
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  8. Yes, I missed off the Domme side of the questions!

    Thank you Jen
  9. I have been registred by my Mistress quite a few years ago. My Number is: 817-140-507


    It was important to my Lady to have me registred to make me feel owned. I must say that I felt it quite exciting to have my status shown in such a public place. Briefly She thought to have the barcode tattoed on me but eventually decided it wouldn't be girly enough for me. However, She did with another male slave at that time.

    Mistress had me registred at another German place like that which is called "Sklavenzentrale" (Slave Center) ...


    However, nowadays it is less important to us but I am still registred and yes, still proud of being Her property.

    maid katrin
  10. lol i didn't think any one would pick me up and scan me. But its a geek thing... Barcodes should be scanned :p mind you the mobile apps that scan bar-codes with there camera does normally pick them up.
  11. My first reaction...that's pretty cool. My second reaction...where have I been.

    I do like the concept of this and from my perspective (I cannot speak for Mistress, I probably could after a 12 year relationship) having paperwork and a barcode to show that I am her property would be very nice to have. I have stated to her that the collar she has given me means more than the wedding ring I wear.

    In short another way to show the world that I belong to her.
  12. I've not heard of this before, sound interesting :) perhaps Mistress and I should look in to this... ;)
  13. i'm there - under three various names, but the original number is still in the system. You can change your name there if you aren't happy being a number. i haven't been back there in over three years it seems and i wasn't very involved with it. i was told to register.

    It's not such a big thing to be part of but an idea.
  14. I know of it, but I don't think it's for us yet. Certainly I could be wrong, and if my Mistress bounds through the door right now and registers me I wouldn't be objecting I don't think.

    For me, slave is too strong a word. As I see it in my mind slaves don't get an opinion, they can't object to their treatment. (THIS IS JUST MY VIEW). That's why I consider myself submissive.. because I submit willingly, but I still hold a veto.

    Maybe you'll see me there one day, but I wouldn't hold your breath ;)
  15. hi people,yes im registered as 389-918 641,muzzledman.its the meaning of who i am in this life style. i have a 4" tresekle tattooed on my butt with the numbers done underneath 1/2" tall.the expression of being a slave to women & the bdsm life style had to come out & be displayed in some fashion. i love it. im single & unowned.joinining the site was all about a chastity tattoo on my pubic area orginally as a ? on another site.joined to see,didnt know what to expect.inked the tresekle symbolsoon after-the numbers just recently.i wear them with pride.its the inner sexual soul expressing itself.its there for future partners no matter their orientation.the site is overall a good place to see & communicate with like life style people,like this one,being part of something larger than yourself.thanks to the internet age this is more expanding & accepting than ever.even if the slr site goes away the tattoo will symbolize something i & others are a part of that cant be denied.its a spiritual thing for sure.

  16. From their front page... ;)

  17. During the CM downtime W/we came across slaveregister.com. At first it did not seem like much you sign in get a number and then assign an owner. Kind of like making a license for your big wheel as a kid, it made you legitimate at least to yourself and friends.
    This however created a huge discussion with Mistress and what it really meant. It seemed to transcend chastity and the D/s lifestyle we have been undertaking and put some long lasting implications on the table. The provisioning of a number creates uniqueness and at the same time the lack of ambiguity of what a slave is, a number, property and owned.
    Furthermore as the Mistress, She was taking ownership of Her slave and with that finds worth and value in that property. This simple act of signing up will clearly change the dynamics of O/our relationship as both Her and my role are clearly becoming more and more defined.
    With this conversion out of the way the decision was to sign up.
    Mistress' slave's number is 964-458-425, of which Her slave is proud to be Hers.
    This being said Mistress has decided to have Her own symbol which is uniquely Hers and will tattoo Her slave with that symbol, most likely on the ass of Her slave. On other side of Her slave's ass will be the slaveregister number. She feels it is like branding and tagging cattle. The tag uniquely identifies the slave, the symbol represents ownership by Her.
    i have never had the intention of getting tattooed, however this new level of relationship requires and entirely new mindset and this slave wants to please his Mistress.
  18. I can't believe that this thread is so old and I haven't seen it til now.

    I am registered since September 2010.
    My wife wanted me to be completely her property and wanted to permanently mark me as such.

    This means everything to me.
    I believe that our interpretation of the slave registry and how we have decided to use it has contributed significantly to my submission to her and to the permanence of our lifestyle.
    My number is tattooed on my back in one inch digits under a shoulder to shoulder large tattoo that declares me to be "property of ......." It is a very feminine and colourful tattoo.

    Being asked about the number and what it means is a reinforcement of my position and is also a demonstration of the permanence of our positions.

    I wouldn't trade this for anything. It is the life we have worked towards diligently for many years but in particular since 2009. Having that huge tattoo in my back and the number means so much to me.
    It means there is no turning back and I am what I have become. I am her slave willingly and we do take that seriously.

    So the SLRN can be just a fun game that means nothing more than a computer generated number...or if you want the symbolism can mean everything.

    The SLRN as we have used it has cemented our relationship into irrevocable permanence, stopped ALL fighting and made clear that I may not and cannot end this relationship no matter what. She can end it without consequence but I am confident for a million reasons that she won't.

    I wonder if this surprises anyone?
    The quiet sensible moderator lives an extreme M/s lifestyle.

    Truth is I wish all of us could live our fantasy lives for real and 24/7.
    I just got very very lucky.
    So this is the answer to those original questions from years ago.
    The answers are more tangible and real for me now than they would ever have been back then anyway.

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  19. Thanks for the reply. i would agree the mental "cement" is strong once the mark is on. It clearly defines roles and commitment and takes the relationship of D/s to a whole new level.
  20. i have been regestered for several years.#000-221-457
  21. Who here is on the slave register?
    I am

    Why did you decide to become registered?
    To show even more the devotion I have for my wife.

    What does it mean to you?
    It brings me closer to 100% devotion and ownership from my wife.
  22. You are fortunate to have someone that clearly cares enough for you to consider registering you!
  23. In a short time i will become one, in a few weeks i will be realised after 6 months
    And before get in for a yaer now, it will be tattooed on my penis;
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  24. Yesterday my wife told me to register myself
    So I am now registered with number 533-878-036
    Now she wants to tattoo this number below her name that is already tattooed on my forearm
    So it shall be done soon!
  25. lucky man to have a wife/owner like that.
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