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Up Until Now

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by owndbywife, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. I thought to get started with this group after my introduction it might be fun to start a blog/journal. This first post will be about my wife and I, our relationship, how we met and where we are with chastity. then we can move from that point forward, sound good? here we go:

    My wife, Stacey, and I met when we where in our early 20's. I am 6'1 and she is 4'10 and she is a fiery redhead!! we where set up on a blind date and i knew instantly she was the one. 9 months later she became my wife. She knew i had a submissive side and she has a dominant side but at the time due to past relationships and her own body image she was very reluctant to take on that role. it took three years of our marriage: learning how to communicate, learning how to live with each other and learning what each other needs in a relationship before we even started to explore a domme/sub relationship.
    I enjoy cross dressing and she wants nothing to do with it so it took a long time for me to get over that aspect and not be selfish. Our sex life was vanilla and things where not looking that best. I stumbled across a caption one day on the internet that had a chastity cage in it. this was year 5 of our marriage. she was surprised when i mentioned it and said she had always wanted to lock up a guy. So, and this is honestly the truth, reluctantly and wanting to add spice to our marriage, I agreed to it and we purchased a CB6000s.

    we will start back up here, gotta run and will post a little later
  2. *5 years into our marriage
  3. So we bought a cb600s and i tried it on. We kept it on for the weekend and I liked how it was a new form of "Bondage" but yet i wasn't convinced it would help our marriage and after we discussed it, we took it off and didn't talk or think about chastity again for about a year. Our marriage was still not on the right track, sex was infrequent and rare. I now know that I was holding a major grudge against her for the cross dressing and she was so upset with the fact that we where not having normal sex that we just did not engage each other. I kept masturbating and I didn't think of the ramifications it would have in our marriage. on our 7th wedding anniversary we had a long truthful talk about where we where in our relationship and about what we wanted from each other. This conversation lasted for two days and it was the savior of our marriage. we recommitted to each other and i felt a renewed love for my wife. Sex was great for about a week and then i went back to masturbating more than tending to her needs. When I realized this i surprised her one day with the key to the chastity cage. I had put it on, gave her the key and told her i really wanted to try and see what chastity could do for us.
    We tried it for two weeks and I started to feel more affection for my wife, I desired her more and we knew this was a great path for us. At the time she didn't want to have a female led relationship and i wasn't comfortable with total power exchange. we kept it in the bedroom and it went like that for about a year. i would be unlocked for a week or so at a time after she would give in and let me out, I would go back to masturbating and we would lose what we have and then i would lock back up. The first cage broke and we didn't buy another for two months.
    When it arrived, my wife and I recommitted and i have been in chastity almost 24/7 since then. Our life is amazing, halfway through last year we switched to a FLR TPE relationship. I love serving for her, i love and desire my wife more than ever. We recently decided after cage 3 broke that the plastic was done. we are ordering a steel cage and once locked there is no chance of it breaking so no chance of an early release. We committed that 2017 will be our year to fully live like she wants us to , she controls everything now. i have no clue how much money we have, she is teaching me to cook, I clean the house, do laundry, and now i am starting to work out. I feel like we finally have embraced who each other is and we will have an amazing year. She is also talking about, since we want kids, she is thinking up ways that she could make me cum in my cage and inseminate herself as the "ultimate control".

    So this has been a very brief history up to now. and i hope to write in this blog various scenarios and things we might do that we can share with you guys.

    please feel free to ask anything or post any comments as I welcome all of y'all to our story
  4. Great start hope to hear all about it

    Good luck
  5. By the way, my kh once actually said the very exact thing that is on your avatar lol
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  6. I really enjoyed your post. Look forward to more of your posts.
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  7. we just purchased a metal version of the HT2 for 100 dollars. I hope it works well and makes Ma'am happy. looks like i will truly be spending 2017 completely locked
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  8. So....Quick Update. I was at work last week and could not participate much on the forum. I travel for my job and My wife and I have not come up with a plan for when i travel. What we decided this trip was that i would have the cage off in the morning, go through security, put on the cage in the bathroom with a plastic numbered tag. then send pictures every day morning and night to confirm i had it on and then take it off an hour before we go through security again at the airport and then put a new plastic tag on after security. I would stay secured and locked the entire time and we could keep going. Well i screwed up. I could not get to a bathroom after going through TSA security before my flight. When i landed things where hectic setting up for our meeting. that night after everything i could have but i didn't think about it except when i failed and pleasured myself.

    I did not wear it at all on the trip and I know i disappointment and possibly hurt my wife by not doing so. I am frustrated because i did not follow her orders.

    she has not indicated what will happen to me and I am still not locked back up. for those of you who know, she was going to keep me locked until 2018. I am not sure what i have done to her psych nor what is to come.

    just an update, thought I would share.
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  9. I would present a solution for the future when you speak to her, rather than just outline your failure.
    I know that the bio-resin HTv.2 is airport security screening friendly (as I would assume most plastic devices would be)... I would suggest that you propose that something like that is acquired prior to your next trip. This way it would be on from start to finish, without relying on your self discipline/willpower.
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  10. I was locked back up last night before she left for work this morning until Saturday. I still do not know a punishment or what's going to happen. I apologized profusely and we are back on track
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  11. So I was locked from my plastic to new steel cage on Saturday when she got home from new Orleans. She told me that was not the end of my punishment from Florida.

    We wake up Sunday and she immediately wants to have sex, I put my strap on on and give her a few good orgasms. Then we go get breakfast. When we come back she is going to get in the shower. She makes me put the strap on back on and then has me sit on a substantial dildo until she is out of the shower. I then have to keep it in as I give her a few more orgasms. So I am extremely frustrated and she is happy. We go to Walmart and when we get back she is talking with a friend on the phone while I am gagged because I back talked her. Her friend frustrated her so the next thing I know is I am in a very strict hogtie ( kinda, the hands where attach the each wrist so they where not across my back and In her way), She beats me for about 30 minutes with her crop, nothing serious.

    Then she decides to take a nap and leaves me hogtied and gagged while she slept for an hour.

    What an amazing Sunday!!!
  12. Love reading your updates! So cute!
  13. Wow, I am alive!! I am so sorry it has been so long. We had ALOT going on, where to begin from January?? Well, the metal cage didn't work so well do to hygiene so we moved on to the Vice. Its pretty good, works well and is comfortable. My wife and I just planned a wekk vacation in Mexico that we are going to take the beginning of August so that is exciting. Now to the fun stuff, My wife went into Overdrive on her dominance over me! she will text me in the middle of my day and give me a list of chores she demands to be done by the time she gets home. She also now regulates what i eat so we can trim down for our beach vacation. She has really gotten into rope bondage and if you follow my tumblr page you might have seen a few pictures of her work. Life is goin really well, I am horny as hell and I can't believe we are headed towards a true 1 year of lock up, she actually joked yesterday that 2 years sounds more like fun.....Gulp......

    Well thats it for now, I hope everybody is doing well
  14. So happy to hear you found a good device and that your wife is enjoying the process with you. Just curious, if i may ask, does the VICE deliver on it's advertised benefits of no pullout? I am thinking of getting one for the hubby... Looks to be good for times of travel what are your thoughts?