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Who loves panties !!

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Happy wifes matter, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. I get so excited talking about panties !! I would just love to hear what kind get you wet !! What you love about them and how you started wearing them ect. Anything panties !!
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  2. LOVE panties and EVERYTHING about them. For everyday wear I like the warners hipsters and hicuts either the no wedgies no worries or no pinching no problem styles. Love the soft light microfiber. Also like the maidenform dream boyshorts. Love the microfiber, so soft and light. Like them with and without the lace trim. Also have a couple pair of lace bikinis. Want to get some VS panties someday
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  3. Love my microfiber boyshorts from Warners! Great for cage support!
  4. I love it !! Mine are all VS thongs mostly and some bikinis . Not to mention I borrow my wife's all the time and she probably has around 50 or so to choose from its like a panty Wonderland !! Wearing hers just feels a little more naughty !!
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  5. They are absolutely delicious.
  6. I'm a silky french knickers with delicate lace trim girl, myself! ~x~
  7. I was shaved and put into silk frilly panties some years ago as my wife thought quite rightly that I would be in a constant state of embarrassment. Whist she has bought various styles over the years I prefer the briefest possible as I have little to cover in that particular area even when I am restrained or caged. For some unexplained reason my wife only ever buys white coloured panties.
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  8. Me :)
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  9. Love them. Wear panties everyday. I don't own any other underwear! My wife loves seeing me in them. Like thongs, full sheer panties, lace panties, panty girdles, padded panties. Also enjoy pantyhose and stockings although I have not yet asked my wife if she would like me to wear them - I am fairly certain she wont mind. Would love to wear short skirts more. I enjoy running errands in the evenings wearing something short or see through, just for fun. Some panties and pantyhose are too stimulating so I have to be locked when wearing them. I am often in pantyhose and locked at work, especially when it is cold. Yesterday I was caged with a urethral insert with a bikini thong and stockings under my pants. I was wishing one of the women might notice my bulge or stockings, but I don't think they did.
  10. I love bf in them. My faves are ruffled, but the more lace and bows and ribbons, the happier I am to see him in them.
  11. I do, I do...All the different colors and styles, from full panties, to hipsters and bikinis. From silky smooth to lacey and prints. I am not real fond of thongs but still have a few pairs of them. They just don't hold my caged bits well enough for there is not enough material. Ah yes fun with panties!
  12. I also love my laced panties. They show my clearly shaved private parts and support my KTB.
  13. I wear pretty much every day -- still difficult finding ones to fit -- I am even wearing a super small cage -
    I don't like the leg opens - I find many have a gap --
  14. I wear panties all the time. Vanity Fair Illumination string bikini are my favorites.

    I like the sheer feel, but they're surprisingly supportive too.
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  16. I so love my panties and bra of all kinds, today I wore my vs black mesh string panties with a pair of red lace vs thongs over the string panties with a sports bra under my work clothes. It was so exciting having them panties covering my little clit. I have been wearing panties 24/7 for about 20 years or longer off and on and I don't think I could ever quite I have tried but always keep coming back to being a little sissy lady with my hot pink painted toe nails, my panties and bra and now my chastity which I started locking up my little clitty 2 to 3 years ago. I don't think I will ever go back to being a regular guy and not sure if I want to, I like who I am!!
  17. I love cute Japanese panties
  18. I love them too
    My ex required that I wear them
    When we broke up I was so heart broken I stopped wearing them
    I've recently decided that I miss them and am going to go back and only wear them
    So for New Years I'm getting rid of all of my boxer briefs
  19. Misstress go shopping together for them pick out the same type one large one med so we both wear the same . Think the girl at the cash must get a kick out of it but has never said anything
  20. I love everything about panties, Several months ago my keyholder has started a new routine. about 3 days a week I wear her day old panties.
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  21. Panties, stockings, tights - love them!
  22. My wife ( who is a wonderful vanilla women) and I have been into this chastity thing for the past year. She has come farther with this then I thought she would and seems to be truly enjoying it . I recently spilled the beans about me taking and wearing her panties well on business trips. She felt that that was okay but she has no desire to see me in women's lingerie. Is there any way to change her mind? Like I said, I have come a long way and for her to enjoy the control she has over me with chastity is great but I just wanted to continue to evolve as her chastity submissive.
  23. Since it is a mind game, tell your mind that you are in panties.
    Think of it from her viewpoint too. How would you like your wige to have a moustache? Quite a turn off , right?
  24. You can't make anybody do anything. All you can do is have an honest conversation, voice your desires, and hope for the best.