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Castration by banding

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by CastratedSub, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. You are ALL too gentle. I am a sub who hasn't felt his thing for more than 2 years. When my mistress determines (usualy when I have a hardening reaction to touching) I have 6 x 30min sessions of banding each day for a few days ... 3 hours of my mistress dick banding me for 3+ hours finishes any sensation I might have, My mistress is forcing me to post this to help other mistresses who have slaves who can still get hard. Doing 30min a month would never work. I have been forced to endure 3 hrs cumulative for 7 days (so 21 hours banding) and that makes me numb for many months, Blood Clots - pfft... I am pretty sure I have been permanently damaged but why would any slave worry about that!! My mistress injected my balls with spirityus (100% alcohol a few times and ever since things have been so much easier. I am castrated. My boobs are growing!!! Praise my Mistress
  2. to be certain ... banding by elastrastor - highly recommended by both slave and mistress,
  3. The best chastity comes without having to use restricting devices :> Imagine having no feeling in your member because of what your mistress did to you!! Pretty amazing to me and completely convenient :>
  4. There has been a very large and, at times, extremely heated debate about chastity in the Mansion recently. Arguments raged about whether one particular style of chastity was better. Both sides accused the other of foul play, saying that they had said neither was better and claiming the people in the oppposing camp were attacking them for their style of chastity. The person who started the entire thing was hero or villain, depending on your particular viewpoint. It's just as well the expensive silverware had been put away or it could have been used as a weapon.

    The best chastity suits the needs of the people who use it. To say that yours is a very self centered perspective and excludes people from discussing anything with you. It shuts down debate and only allows an argument.

    You are not the only person who uses banding and numbness to create a chaste environment though it does seem that your own technique is more extreme. Does that make it better? Our Administrator uses banding and is very happy with his set up. His wife enjoys sex with him but he is never allowed an orgasm. He is however allowed to get an erection, just not one he can feel.

    My Wife is my Mistress and keyholder. She likes using tease and denial and likes the fact that I can feel my penis. She enjoys seeing me erect, very occasionally likes making me cum, always likes controlling my access to my penis. Your style of chastity would be completely abhorrent to her. Does it make it wrong? Better? Worse?

    Another mistress might only be interested in holding some keys. For her the very idea of tease and denial is ridiculous. It has no place in a chaste relationship. All she wants is worship and service. The purest form of chastity, for her, is simple. Men lock their penis up for her and stay that way for as long as possible. If their penis is completely numb the entire exercise becomes meaningless. Is she right? Is she wrong? Is your chastity better?

    Another Mistress demands that her submissive husband has genital reassignment surgery. His penis is to be removed completely, he is to be forevermore denied sex with his Wife of many years. He wanted her to cuckold him and, after years of nagging him, she decides to do as he wishes, but at a terrible cost. He can have as much sex as he wants, but only with men, and never again as a man. A limp, unfeeling penis to her is a wasted opportunity and utterly ridiculous. She wants her mans penis to be turned inside out, the glans turned into a clitoris. She wants to watch her former husband be fucked by other men, watch him orgasm, but only from penetration. Is she wrong? Is her idea so extreme it doesn't count as chastity?

    Personally I think that you are too gentle. You should consider a penectomy. After all, that would be the ultimate sacrifice for your Mistress. It would show that your subservience to her is complete and unending.

    (Actually that isn't what I think, but hopefully you can see my point about perspective.)
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  5. Hi welcome to CM

    When I first saw the title I thought this was off on another train of thought.

    However I assume you mean cock banding and yes I should think you don't feel much as single 30-40 minutes would work fine.
    It just becomes totally numbed and thus useless which obviously you prefer. We are very much in to "Each to their own" . And absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

    If I use S&M in its widest meaning, some are uneasy to a degree some to not bat an eyelid some it's just part of their normal play and to some explore more involved and much more commitment to defining what is extreme .

    Xx Wendy
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  6. Banding the penis with an elastrator will definitely cause nerve damage and the more often it's done the closer to permanent it becomes. It's more effective to do when the penis is flaccid an exceeding an hour starts getting into high risk necrosis or blood clots. Most people take aspirin as a preventative to clotting when banding. It also hurts like a bitch when you cut the bands since they snap back around when cut and it's also hard to cut since they dig so deep into the skin.
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  7. Hey don't get me wrong - each to their own - but being an experienced person with cock banding for many years I can't imagine that 30-40mins once off banding does anything more than make the recipient numb for .. well .. 30 - 40mins .... it often takes me 30-40mins x 5 or 6 times a day for several days to achieve a week to a month of numbness. In fact that is what I aim for - 6 x 30mins in 24hrs for a few days. I am not concerned if there is permanent damage at all (in fact I invite it! In case you didn't notice my nick - I am already perm damaged!). But it's not a comfortable thing in the least (it can hurt like all hell) but it is pretty good to be completely chastised with the wonder of when (or if) it might return!
  8. I get a feeling you have spent time at www.eunuch.org :)
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  9. Interesting topic I would like to read something more about in the future - even if this isn't an option for ourselfs.

    But although the topic in itself is interesting (experiences about its effects or how its done as safe as possible) this thread has 2 great flaws:
    1.) The topic should be discussed and presented way more grounded than here
    2.) Looking at Jasmic68s sideblow at the end and some older topics about similar topics such a topic might need to be moderated right from the beginning banning even small provocations.
  10. Hi

    Yes an interesting view
    However on CM we try wherever possible not to moderate or edit as once you start threads can very easily get reduced to rubish and make little sense.

    This has happened in the past and it never turns out for the best.

    As far as moderation for facts that is a bit of a problem as to how you check the mod has specific knowledge of a subject. So we really can only go on percived wisdom of a group who are contributing to a thread or threads .
    Thus with banding some have done it some have read about it. Readers will have to form their own opinion and go and do their own research and go with that. Only if some one posts complete rubbish as fact then we will do something. As with other banding threads eventually some one likely as not will post about full castration using an elastrator. However it's not possible as simple as that . So if nothing else that would get a not possible and possibly life threatening health risk response from mods .

    Yes we do listen and yet we have to strike that balance of freedom of speach against stuff that is totally wrong. However deleting it is very heavy handed compared to just writing a response to balance the post .

    Xx Wendy
  11. What is a sideblow?
  12. That is a "Seitenhieb" in german and I think side blow might be the correct translation. No relevant content, but provoking to make your point.

    And most postings in the last thread about a similar topic have been even more in this way. And that's why I suggested to moderate such threads in some stricter way, because even if it's ok to write about your doubts and your own opinion everithing more than that - attacking the TE etc. prevents him and others to write about similar topics in the future. And the more reasonable and grounded the author may be the faster he will be discouraged to write about such topics (again).

    And no, of course that's nothing you should do all over the board as in general something like this is not necessery at all - just in certain topics where some people are fast to hoot down a topic without taking part in a real discussion.

    As for he quality of posting I am quite aware that you can change nothing about that, but never the less I tend to thinkthat it w ould be better if the starting post about such an already polarizing topic would be rather down to earth.
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  13. @Shimone@Shimone I suppose you could be right but I was not being aggressive, just trying to make a point that the original posts main claim, that we are all too gentle, is a matter of perspective. It is also another way that f telling us that what we are doing is wrong.

    In the past I was an active member of another forum to do with genital modification. I have seen videos of guys slicing their glans off completely. Another used a banding castration device to kill his own testicles and then filmed himself slicing his testicles off. I have seen more than one man give themselves a complete penectomy where they either slice their penis off in one go or with lots of small cuts over time. My interest in genital modification was started when I saw video of a guy who had bisected his penis and testicles. To people like that banding your penis to make it numb would seem very mild.

    I think if I had replied with a short, aggressive response I would agree that I was shutting down discussion but I gave a detailed description of several examples of people who would not agree with the original post. I was actually trying to do the opposite and open up discussion as to why saying 'you are all too gentle' is a biased perspective.
  14. I stay with my opinion, that the one sentence of yours is provoking and unnecessary. Apart from this the complete rest of my posting wasn't related to you, but to an older thread.
  15. @Shimone@Shimone Was this opening sentence not provoking?

    @CastratedSub@CastratedSub To keep this conversation on topic and not to hijack the thread I want to involve you. I honestly do not want you to think that I was trying to shut down debate or to discourage you. If you found one sentence to be provoking then that is fine, as that was my intention. Debate is supposed to be provoking otherwise what is the point? If we all agreed with each other then the Mansion would become very boring very quickly. It is the differences in the way we 'do' chastity that makes it interesting and educational. Otherwise how could we not come across new ideas that stimulate and expand our own experience?

    If however you found it unnecessary then I apologize and I will remove myself from further debate on this topic. I had an opinion and voiced it. I have a different reason to be doing chastity to almost any other member of the Mansion, to curb my obsession with genital modification, to give control over my genitalia back to my Wife before my modification process went too far. This has given me a different perspective over what is possible to be done to a penis and I stay with my opinion, that banding is also gentle as it leaves you with a penis, even if it is non-functional.

    I approached my Wife with the idea of banding as a way of inducing chastity very early on and she is utterly against it. One of her hard limits is that we cause no permanent damage through our practice of chastity. I tried it before asking her and it worked, it completely numbed my penis. It felt weird being able to see it but not feel it, especially when it was erect. I realized that I would do it if that was what she wanted and I would live with the long term affects, but that I didn't particularly like it. (What I like is neither here nor there, I totally realize that.) But very early on Elle told me that if we were going to do this we would do it her way. So when she said no, it meant no.

    I hope that I have provided relevance for my initial statements.
  16. Well, blood clots can kill you and as a BDSM player into extreme stuff for 47 years, safe and sane play is the way the real players go. New members who post things like you did that are unsafe, are pretty much telling us real players that odds are that you are yet another new member living his sex life online and trying to pass it off as real. My wife almost died of a blood clot and was bed ridden for a year. They are no laughing matter and I do not care whose feelings I hurt when they post unsafe things and laugh it off. I am tired of people treating phonies like they are real. We have a topic for fantasy posts so let them use that rather than recommend things that new comers may take for reality and get hurt as i once did in my younger days. I had to get surgery because I read something and tried to duplicate it.
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  17. Noone said not to take a possible risk of blood clots seriously, but there is still the fact that there are people practicing banding without having this problem.
    Truth to tell blood clots or necrosis wouldn't be the first things I would be afraid of as they would need a certain time (at least several minutes) to occur. I would be much more interested in the fact if there couldn't be any vascular damage (and/or damage of the erectile tissue) that could occur if those expanders are really as tight as said.Because that would be the first problem that might arise if that would be the case....

    @Jasmic68@Jasmic68: I would call it rather dumb than provoking. Though it might be evenan intentional provocation to initiate a discussion, but I doubt that this was the intention here.
    But what ever it was or is - do you really want to compare yourself and your postings with those rather unfavourable opening posts ? I hope not....
  18. @Shimone@Shimone during the previous thread that I mentioned, where I was accused of leading a witch hunt, I felt like no matter what I wrote my words were either willfully misunderstood or twisted to mean something completely different to what I intended. I feel like that is happening again.

    I have read your last paragraph several times and I have to say I am confused. You earlier accused me of making a provoking and uneccesary comment and now I am dumb? You doubt that my intention was to initiate discussion? What makes you think that?

    I would like to point out my very last sentence of my initial response, the one in brackets. I clearly state that my sideblow as you call it isn't what what I actually think and hope the original poster can see what I mean about perspective. That was an invitation to start a discussion. The original posters perspective was we are all too soft, I was pointing out there are others who might think that he is too soft and many others who would think his form of chastity is ridiculous.

    So, am I completely missing your point? I think you wanted my provocations banned by moderators. I am not sure, you might have meant the original 'you are all too soft' was a provocation and should be banned. I repeat what I said previously, a debate with no disagreement isn't a debate. It's just everyone sitting in an echo chamber agreeing with themselves.

    I also have no idea what you mean about whether I want to compare myself with those rather unfavorable opening posts, or why you think they are unfavorable. I thought you was interested in the topic, but now the way it was introduced was unfavorable? Or maybe my response was unfavorable. What I want is a discussion with @CastratedSub@CastratedSub rsther than @Shimone@Shimone about why they feel the way they do and what their opinion of what I wrote was.
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  19. Good morning

    As in the old parlance can you guys take this out side. PLEASE! !

    If nothing else it's a thread hijack as it's got nothing to do with the start of the thread .

    Thanks and a happy Christmas to you and your familys.

    Xx Wendy
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  20. Blood clot killed the girlfriend of one of my mates... at 25... Came from her foot after they finally fixed it after she'd been recuperating from a car accident. Still haunts me when i see someone who looks like her on town.

    Don't take blood clots lightly.
  21. You compare quite different things. Noone said that blood knots aren't dangerous or couldn't be f.e. the result after certain accidents. The question should be much more is there some robust experiences that blood clots can appear after short time banding or comparable practices (even if you take aspirin before).

    You should also consider that there is medical ligation. Let it be more special ones during operation or more classical tourniquets.
    Especially for those more common emergency tourniquets there is a lot about risk assessment that can be found. F.e. this page which lists risks and precautions:
  22. The chances of a life threatening blood clot from a penis at 40-45mins per time is fairly low as the arteries and veins are quite small (especially that it's done flaccid). The risk increases a bit when you've done that for 4-6 times in one day. BTW I am on anti clotting agent for other health concerns and I would recommend take Aspirin if you do this for a few days before hand. There are risks to many things considered normal that half of society does just because they want to - Drinking, smoking, speeding etc. In my case I am well informed and am happy to take the risk.

    I admit my introduction was too provoking. The point I am trying to convey is that (at least for my body) 30 or 45mins of penis band once a month has no more effect than a few minutes of numbness - and to achieve something longer like a week takes considerably more ... perserverence.
    For those that think I am having a fantasy and don't live this life - then I challenge the bander that gets numb for a week from 30mins of banding is probably the one that is living in fantasy or deception. I do admit it was a bit easier when I first started doing it tho. There are also different grades of numbness I suppose also.

    @Shimone@Shimone Yeah that was too a took provoking way of putting it - I should have framed it differently. BTW the above link is about a tourniquet of a limb (in which there are huge blood vessels compared to a penis).

    @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 My technique isn't 'better' than anyone elses - but what others have mentioned in other threads would never work on my body (I am completely sure) - that seems to be more psychological play than serious attempt at numbness. Also to have SRS is not a possible choice of a mistress as the sub needs to have the psych evaluation and surgery letters etc. Perhaps she can encourage it but if he says that to the psych there is no way he'll get approved.

    Hopefully I won't provoke a further war.
  23. I am sorry that it was taken that I had provoked a war. I honestly only wanted to challenge your initial post and start a debate, not shut it down. An example of this happening is how you remind me that a sub would have to agree to the reassignment surgery, a perfect come back that would mean I would have to go and find the evidence to back up my claim.

    That particular example really was from a post in the Mansion and from a member who had told their developing story over a period of several years. They posted once more a few months back but since then nothing.

    Unlike others I did not immediately think that you were living in a fantasy world but I did want to challenge you and hopefully get to find out more about what you are doing and why. This was because permanent damage caused by my chastity is one of my Wife's hard limits and she even gets distressed if she causes temporary damage.
  24. I know that the link is about a tourniquet on a limb, but the risks should be similar for all techniques on all body parts .Just the amount of risk might vary in my opinion - depending on how yo are doing what.

    As for the difference of a limbs anatomy to a penis you are right, that the limb contains much larger blood vessels, but a tourniquet would on the other hand never be compressed in such a great way in such a small area as done by an expander.
  25. Be quite sure if you are using a real elastrator on a flacid willy then a band around the base for about 20 -30 minutes will do the trick . The dorsal nerve is along the top side and quite near the surface. Also the band will pull down to about 10 -12 mm id . More than enough to work , with all that I have read on other sites on the matter no one has ever mentioned blood clots .

    The effect will last 3-5 weeks is the usual time frame most experience.

    Xx Wendy
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