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CB-6000 reviews

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by Burger_01, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Well I just had a quick look at the Chastity Device Reviews board, and its a great leap forward for the site.

    That said, we don't have any reviews of any of the CB 2/3/6000 series devices. I'm interested in getting a CB-6000 but I don't want to wind up with another disappointing expensive lump of plastic shoved down my pants. Could anyone help out?

    On a similar note.. I'll submit my thoughts of the CB-2000 and lori #12B.

  2. Thanks for kicking this off Burger.

    I'd like to add my opinion on the CB6000 as a Mistress too.

    I actually quite like the CB6K. I don't think it looks "offensive" in any way and it's very easy to fit.

    The reason I'm happy in the fitting respect, is that I want to be able to fit and removed the device on pet myself, which means he won't have ANY access to *my* cock! All cleaning could be done with him restrained.

    The locks are ok, small and the key is nice enough to be worn around my neck, which is also important to me.

    Having said that, I have substituted small combination locks to the CB6K with no problems at all. Because we only had one key to the original lock, I was happier with the combination lock as I could text the code to pet if he got into any trouble.

    I know die-hards will say combination locks can be defeated, but I'm happy that pet would be too busy in the few hours he was without my company!

    Our first one did split down the centre, but that was because I threw it down the stairs in a fit of rage! Our second one shows no signs of splitting, but hasn't been used for more than 2 days at a time so far.

    We also have a PA lock cable which we haven't tried, but if we are "stuck" with a CB, I will look into using that to prevent pull-out.

    I'm happy with it from a Keyholder's point of view.
  3. Thanks for that, Locked4love. It's great to know that people find the CB-6000 comfortable :)

    I'm also very grateful to Mistress Watchful for her thoughts on the device from a keyholders POV. I'll pass them onto my wife :happy0158:
  4. I am locked4loves's Mistress. I have been very happy with the CB6000. Yes we have had a couple of problems as far as splitting and one of the pins fell out, but those are easily fixed until we can afford another one. Pet has been in the device now since Dec. 19th with only taking it off one time the other night for some play, but the device has come through time and time again. I did find out from pet the other night that he has come out of the device while cleaning, but he has come up with a simple fix to that problem and we will be trying that soon.

    As pet had said, I have a hard time putting the device back on him without pinching him so I have kind of given him the permission to put it on himself with me watching. I think a lot of my hesitation is that since I have pinched him so many times, I get too nervous to put it on so I kind of gave up. It's just easier and faster to let him do it. It will never be done out of my sight though.

    However, to summarize everything, we have had the device since June of 2008 and have used it faithfully since then except a 1 month period of time where I kind of forgot about it. I don't know if I forgot about it or just lost interest. It doesn't matter now though because we are going strong.

    Just thought I'd give you my thoughts on it.

    Till next time. :hugs:
  5. Mistress Watchful's comment and this is good information, locked4love, as dolly will want to know where to go next after "training" with the cb-2000.

    Nice! This makes dollyanne wonder if she is using too much lubricant--baby oil gel--on the rings. Dolly will try it without it and see what happens.

    Having the feeling of your Mistress's hand constantly holding you sounds like a great sensation!

    Curtsies and Huggs,
  6. when locked i'm in the CB3000. i keep everything dry except inside the tube. i use a q-tip to lube up with baby oil twice a day...after showering and before bed.
  7. Hi my CB 6000 is in the process of splitting and it pinches at the seam where it is letting go. It took me a long time to find out what was going on but due to that I am not in at the moment. I have also used a 3000 long term but had so many problems with breakage that was useless. I am looking at a CS5000 as that looks secure as it has a belt. The CB range are not secure in the slightest. My opinion is rubbish. Did you have your lori on in extreem cold or have you any experience with it in cold weather. (ok sorry just seen where you come from).
  8. Nice to know i am not the only sissy excited enough to split his chastity belt, notable the curve and cb6000. I tought since i barely fit in the cb6000 it would never be "hard" enough to put such a pressure as to split it but...started just a bit. I suggested to Mistress to wrap the base in heavy duty thick rubber bands (have to find black ones for kinkier look), just 2 at the base, have yet to try but will let everybody know the result.

  9. Try running a line of super glue along the seams and allow to dry. And I mean dry well. Also - it should be removed to do this ! !

    I have done this to the 3000 and 6000 and no further problems.
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    I really like the look of the wood effect ones and the camouflage ones too.
    Not sure which I'll go for.
  11. I was wondering if this model is escape prof I have tried the cb 2000 and 3000 and been able to get out easily.also wondering if this one pinches at night when you sleep I have had alot of problem with that with the 2000 model
  12. I can't speak for the 6000 but I am in the 6000s (until my lori's 2c arrives) and it is the best of them I've tried. I own the original cb2000, the curve, the 3000, and now the 6000s. It is without a doubt the most comfortable and least intrusive of all the cb series. The flat large ring is a big improvement over the round as it stays in place better and distributes the contact over a larger area, resulting in less irritation under the scrotum. I still have issues with it leaving a red irritated stripe across the lower part of my scrotum after 4 or 5 days of continuous wear, though that seems to be happening less each time after it heals.