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chastity and underwear

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by wnt2srveu, May 3, 2010.

  1. I was wondering what kind of underwear people wear with their chastity cages on. I normally wear boxers but boxers and my CB make for an uncomfortable time. my penis sorta turtles in and gets stuck behind the ring and the CB pulls down from gravity. when I wear a pair of panties it is much better and more comfortable. but I don't want to be stuck having to always wear panties. I am wearing the 2nd largest ring and it fits pretty tight. it makes my balls pretty sore after bring teased by mistress for awhile. so am I doing something wrong with fitment or is that just how it is with boxers? does it just need something more supportive then boxers ?
  2. I think this is one of those personal preferance things. Personally if i wear loose undies i get very uncomphy. with tighty whites on it is much better. Panties actually work best for me as they seem to keep everthing nice and tight however they have to be a pait that fits well. I have notices alot of panties just dont work well when your locked up because there just isnt enuff coverage material where u need it. A good fitting pair though works wonders for myself
  3. the shorts i get from h&m work well, close fitting and support at the front. i cant wear panties with a cb cause i go from pretty flat to bulgy.

    also i cant wear a lot of my jeans
  4. so it seems like it is not just me. I guess the cb just tends to slip down and needs something more supportive then boxers. thats sorta what i figured, since i think i have it fitted pretty close to proper.
  5. underwear

    I wear boxer-briefs...kinda stretchy...
    I tried panties..most the crotch is to narrow....microfiber work well...but comes it solid colors..Hi-cut fit well

    Have not hanes satin Hi-cut yet...
  6. I like to wear boxer briefs because I tend to leak a lot of pre cum and i'd rather have it caught in my underwear then running down my leg all the time.
  7. ewww why do you leak all the time?! maybe something absorbant at the end of your cb?
  8. I leak cause I'm always turned on. My wife/kh loves rubbing me and keeping me in a state of arousal whenever she's near.
  9. I prefer wearing panties as they keep everything in place better than boxer shorts, plus they feel and look better :)

    Amber :)

  10. so far tighter trunks and briefs ar e the only thing which have given me enough support i haven't worn boxers in months. As for dribbling there's only one solution for those dribblly days and that is panty liners!
  11. I generally wear the Murano brand low-rise briefs... Store Link(no affiliation)

    They are shaped with an almost pouch like front section that holds everything in place... I've been wearing them far longer(a couple years) than I've had my CB(which I've only had since saturday)

    With these underwear, there is only one pair of dress pants I have where the lock on the CB becomes obvious... In the rest I just look like I'm hung like a stallion...

    As for comfort/activity, etc, I haven't found any difference in range of motion or overall comfort compared to how they are without the CB(besides the new sensation of wearing the CB itself)

    I have a couple of Jockey brand Bikini Briefs that also have a pouch in the front, but I haven't yet tried them with the CB(although I'd imagine they will offer similar support) Store Link(no affiliation)
  12. A Thong

    I find that a microfiber thong works well. Just the right amount of support. Panties or briefs tend to pull downward, and are less comfortable. With a thong, you can even forget you are caged, but then you remember.
  13. Here's a thread that went through here about the first of the year:
    Pretty lock and key for chastity

    i have the three styles i posted and a couple of others, these are well built and a little pricey, but they are almost designed to hold the CB6000 or 6000s models perfectly.
  14. For me, wearing a Phoenix Guardian, looser is better. I find that tighter undies lead to the back band applying too much pressure to my crotch. It's a shame, because I really like my Unicos. With my one thong, which is designed for men, my balls stick out of the sides when I'm wearing the device. The Guardian cage is rather large, so I ordered the smaller Sapphire in the hopes that I can alleviate my underwear issues.

    Tight pants also present the same comfort issues, but the bulge looks natural, which I can't say I mind. ;)
  15. hmm I am going to have to try some briefs then. one question about fitting, if my balls get sore at the bottom of the main ring when i am erect for awhile, like when fiance/Mistress teases me, is it normal to feel pain and soreness there? or should i go back up one size on the ring?
  16. Boxer Briefs for me.. I like it to be snug.. plus it keeps the lock from clanging around, as long as the briefs arent too loose.

    Chaste BR
  17. I wear Breifs I like support and that they are tight. They also help me conceal the cage under my pants
  18. If you want a truly unique sensation, try wearing a Utilikilt with your cb and no underwear at all.

    Works for my Wife/KH.

    Utilikilts are made in Seattle and can be found on the Web.

    Good luck.
  19. Panties

    I wear whatever panties my queen says is ok.
    Love them all
  20. Haven't tried a kilt, but the sensation of wearing a dress with an 80 yard petticoat and the only thing under that is a CB6000s, on a windy day, now that's a feeling!!!:confused0068:
  21. I wear tight men's briefs (bikini cut, all black, no fly = they look like painties) with spandex over them... it's the only way I can wear my curve daily without it being really obvious.
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  23. i wear panties either bikni or htongs or boy shorts
    hold my cb in nice an no slipping at all
    boxers are a no no with me
  24. I use boxer briefs with both a CB3k and a mancave. The only difficulty is the tendandcy to head left and get stuck down the leg, which can put a lot of sideways pressure on things. Boxer briefs provide enough support for the steel mancave and also stop the padlock clanking around on whichever I'm wearing. At night, I find a plain jockstrap works very comfortably.