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Ex Cuckold living unsupervised chastity in Orange County

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by smallmike, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. HI. My name is mike and my nickname is small mike. I was cuckolded by my ex wife and now that I am unmarried I know I have the traits of a cuckold but not the outlet. I am presently in a run of no intercourse for four years. I go thru spurts of time with no orgams but the longest has been two weeks. I own a cb 2000- but I dont presently have a key holder. I have joined this forum to be in the company of like minded people and also in the hope of finding a woman in my area that would like to be a key holder and participate in my chastity. I am a 48 white male living in Irvine, California (near disneyland). Best wishes to one and all that read this thread.
  2. Welcome to the site smallmike.

    Please make yourself comfy around the boards and contribute to threads... I'm sure you know that's the best way to be respected and will up your chances of meeting someone!

    Also... find yourself a picture for profile/display pic, I hate looking at those little blue boxes! Blue balls only here! :animal0008:
  3. Hello,
    Introducing myself to the group. I am a 48 white male who was cuckolded and put in chastity by my ex wife. I am unmarried now and I am seeking a keyholder here in Orange County, California. I am very happy to see a site in which others who have experienced what I have congregate. I would love to hear from potential female keyhoders by email at Lking4funsoca@aol.com or by posted comments here.
  4. Welcome to chastity mansion, smallmike, of Irvine, Ca! (Nice place, but crowded, dollyanne used to live near there too!) dollyanne has a cb-2000 on order so maybe you can give her some advice! Two weeks with no orgasms? dollyanne should be so lucky! You are definitely in the company of like-minded people here, mike. Though, be prepared, it's possible you may be inspired to go even longer without orgasms! Enjoy!

  5. Welcome to the Mansion small mike....I am sure you will enjoy being here. And, be patient, the right Keyholder will come along I'm sure.

    Mistress Michelle :sex020:
  6. Hello Mike. Welcome. My name is David and live in Los Angeles. I'd be happy to chat, etc. regarding chastity (experienced) and cuckolding (inexperienced). E mail is fine too. @yahoo.com

    Happy Holidays.
  7. Welcome small mike... Are you really that small? Perhaps you are - which may be why you were cuckolded. I wish you luck in finding a Mistress to take over your cuckolding - a good little cucky is nice to have around.
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