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How many chaste subs are there?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by dubsub, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Given how many devices many of us have bought each, the sales figures will have to be appropriately divided. I think we've bought 8...
  2. i have read some articles that seem to indicate male chastity is utilized more than we think and is growing very quickly. Most are very quiet about it in their day to day lives, but i just bet more men are locked than we think and more than ever before. i certainly love being locked and under the control of a dominant Woman. http://www.chastitymansion.com/ticker/ticker.php?pic=vo4s3fpl6npykqfn

  3. Well at the BDSM events i've been to i seem to be the only sissymaid permanently locked up, though there are a couple of people i know who do so on an occasional basis.
  4. So much depends upon the partner wanting to play the game, or not (as in my case). I think numbers will rise when more women realise the power that they can gain from doing so. The best I can hope for is some online control.
  5. I just did a poll in my street and the results were 2% who were willing to publicly admit it.