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Brought low.

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by low, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. my Wife and i have been together for 12 years, married for three. We have discussed just about all of our fantasies and kinks with each other. We have played with strapons and blindfolds and those erotic drinking games from the stag shop. So we are not total strangers to stuff outside of the realm of vanilla.

    Anyway, this year, as a lark i asked Her if we could visit a proDomme together. Surprisingly, She said yes! Well, the session opened the gates a little. She is now a little more dominant than before. Asking for more massages, leaving more directions to do some of the cleaning She used to do, and generally taking on a more expectant tone when talking to me.

    As of a day ago (last night, actually), She asked that i start using lower case when referring to myself and upper case when referring to Her in texts. Just in case, i've started here too. Better to be safe than sorry. i haven't disobeyed yet and to be honest, i have no intention of doing so.

    i took another chance a couple weeks ago and asked Her if She would let me get a chastity device (we used one in the session and i really liked the loss of control). Again, She said yes.

    We searched online together and opted to get 2. One from Craigslist from someone local and one from eBay. They both look very similar (if not the same), but having read horror stories about eBay Chinese purchases, we decided to hedge our bets.

    That's where i am now. Waiting for 2 devices. Both should be here by the end of September. The eBay one will take a couple weeks to arrive and the Craigslist one, we will meet the guy when he comes back from vacation in a week and change.

    i'm unsure whether Her dominance is a phase, residual excitement from the session, or if She really is going to take us on the FLR journey. Either way, i will enjoy (perhaps regret a little :p) the scenery and scenario while it lasts.

    i also have pushed no expectations onto Her. i really do want Her to take it at Her own pace and don't want to rush or pressure Her. i've read too many things about wives getting burnt out or tired because of their husbands pushing too much.

    When the device comes, i will ask Her to click the lock Herself and take the keys. That's it. i won't make any rules or whatever, just let Her decide the flow.

    Updates to follow if/when there is anything to update. In the meantime, do feel free to message or ask questions on this thread.

    Sorry if it seems disjointed. i just type and let the words come out.
  2. Welcome to CM plenty for your wife to read on the lifestyle .

    So enter in to the world of Be careful what you wish for!

    Not nagging is definitely the best way to go .

    Xx Wendy
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  3. I think be careful for what you wish for.
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  4. It's a pretty good bet that if she was up to seeing a pro, that she is into it, and you might be in trouble lol.

    I have found that even the meek and mild get a streak of cruelty in them. My girlfriend KH even told me she enjoys seeing me all wrapped up in sexual tension and on edge. Pressed against the device with no way out. It's a bit of a power trip I think, even if they are smiling while they say it.

    My KH never even heard of this stuff before, and if I were to guess was submissive to all her former lovers. I think she not only enjoys controlling the sex, but having a tight leash so to speak on me as well.

    I am guessing your relationship will never be the same. I discussed it with my KH and although I could end all this if I choose, but I honestly don't believe she would want to ever go back.
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  5. It is sincerely my hope that we go down this road.

    She is not into corporal punishment at all (neither me, to be honest). Nor is She into humiliation (i am... But certain acts are humiliating to me despite being "normal", so i still run a humiliation narrative in my head even if She does not think what She is doing is humiliation).

    But it seems as though She very much likes being in control and is not opposed to chastity, at the very least in the short term. i hope She begins to demand massages rather than request them. In the meantime, i try to give Her without asking as much as i can, to get Her thinking/knowing it is Her right and not a privilege to get pampered by Her husband.
  6. You would be surprised how some kinks get revealed. I wasn't into spanking etc...not opposed but just didn't find it all that hot. She wasn't into it either when we discussed limits and hard limits.

    After reading more stories, blogs, and tales of FLR, she wanted to try discipline. Like I said, it didn't do much for me, but from the first time she said she wanted to spank me for some smart comments...I was so turned on. We ended up incorporating it into our life. I don't think I have ever felt a woman get so wet and turned on as I did right after her paddling me. She never even knew this turned her on until she started down this path. I certainly didn't think I would get so turned on by it.

    So ya never know where our kinks will take us once we open communication up to our partners.
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  7. She is a therapist and abhors corporal punishment (She was turned off by that part of the domme session). So i'm quite certain we will never go there. But if She does, i will gladly accept if that is what it takes to keep Her happy and interested.

    That said, thank you for all the warnings and happy well wishes! It is comforting to know there is a whole community ready to support each other through these times.
  8. Sounds similar to myself and @kevgetsum@kevgetsum. You may find your wife embraces this new way of life as I am. Do not try to too from the bottom..read more on that in other forums. She is to set the tone as you seem wise enough to know already. Good luck with device/s...it may take a while to get things right but it's worth it.
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  9. Lol...the narrative in your head. Wtb honest! You're off to a good start.
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  10. I would like to (virtually) meet your wife...
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  11. It's true. i don't want to pester Her, so i simply do what is asked and run mockery and humiliation scripts in my head. That way i can feel humiliated when doing mundane things and not be the husband who bugs the Wife about such things all the time.

    Of course, if She ever really hit me with some verbal humiliation... i'd be on the moon.
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  12. First update.
    i have been locked up for 2 days. She has the keys of course (one emergency key in a signed envelope).

    We wrapped the lock and hinges with bondage tape in the first hours, as it was very pinchy. Since then, It has been very comfortable so far (except when erections strike... That's a little uncomfortable but that's the point!). i barely notice it and the tape also prevents that clicking sound when i walk.

    i do find myself constantly fantasizing about my Wife. More than usual, that is.

    The trial period is a month of me doing every chore and job in the house. She does nothing and won't even ask me to do anything. Her condition is that if i can do all the chores without being told, She might then begin to indulge in some of my fantasies as a reward. No talking to Her about the chastity or horny levels unless it is a legitimate problem. If i break that rule, we take it off and go back to vanilla life.

    We were 70/30 me/Her in terms of chores before, so i'm hoping that i can meet Her standards without much trouble. i asked and i received. i will give more updates as they come. i'm not sure i've ever been more turned on in my life!

    To recap:
    All chores are mine.
    No bugging Her about anything remotely sexual / fantasy oriented.
    She decides when i've learned.
    She decides if i cum at all.

    i am in heaven for now!
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  13. Tonight i encountered the dreaded night time erection discomfort.
    It is 4:50am and i woke up twice due to erections. Both times a quick pee was enough to go soft and provide relief.

    all is good now. Back to sleep!
  14. Today is my first day of work wearing it. i am terrified. i want to, of course, but i'm working on the correct configuration so that the bulge is not as obvious. my casual clothes, it was not a problem, but my work pants are a little more snug (stupid tailored pants rule) so the bulge without corrective measures in place is a bit awkward. i'm thinking a downward pulling shoelace-belt to keep it tucked, but the logistics of it are complicated.

    Sorry to vomit my thoughts, but one of the rules is not to bug my Wife about this until She is ready. With no other outlet, this forum is where i will vent and ask questions.

    i know i'm overthinking it and most people won't even notice, i'm sure... but it's all about having that peace of mind, you know?
  15. well if you put a piccy in here for us to see we cud has a look at it and tell you if we cud see it.
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  16. After much fiddling, i decided to forget the complex solution and just belt my pants a bit higher. There is still a minimal bulge, but i work with an apron so it will be unnoticeable.

    No clicking lock. No big bulge. No pinching. i'm ready for work. Post work update will follow.
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  17. Work was great! Everything stayed in place, even during heavy lifting and ladder climbing. i feel like i was born for this.

    ive read so much about bad sizing and how it's a struggle to find the correct rings etc. What luck i must have to be so happy with the cage from jump? Maybe there will be an unforeseen problem later on, but for now i am revelling in my imprisonment!
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  18. Awake at 3am.
    It seems this is the hour i get my night time visitor and am forced to wake up. Went to the bathroom and all was right again, but it is interesting that it's the same time each night.

    Alrighty. Back to sleep.
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  19. Oh dear. i did not expect the tears of chastity so soon. i was in the sales floor and felt a little wetness on my inner thigh. Lo and behold when i went to the washroom, it was definitely leaking a little. Even had a small wet spot.

    So thank the Goddess, i wear an apron at work. Otherwise i might have to make up a story about spilled lotion or shampoo or something.

    It's nothing a little bit of bunched up tissue at the head couldn't fix. Just was surprised because while i'm loving the feeling of the device, i wasn't really feeling super horny or turned on by anything. i guess my subconscious is enjoying the chastity as much or more than i thought.

    Edit to add: yes, these mid day updates are me being naughty and writing here in company time. :p
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  20. I had leakage right away too. After piercing it stopped dripping as much, runs down my ring, to the sack and dries or is wiped away from walking.

    It was an embarrassing issue for awhile though. Was to a point where it was dripping down my pant legs. And if I wanted, could flex my kegels and produce a flow almost at will.
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  21. i suppose i should say that going to the bathroom has not changed for me. Most guys prefer to stand but from very early on in life i preferred to sit. Sometimes standing is a matter of convenience (public washroom that has a lineup), but whenever i can, i sit.

    The lovely Wife is appreciative i think, mainly because there is never a seat up and i don't wee on the seat. She also likes that i clean the bathroom (which is now mandatorily my job anyway).

    The only thing that changed is that i have to position the little head to point through the bars. Pretty easy. No mess. No hassle.
  22. Starting from tomorrow, this 3am business i will put as a status update instead of a post in the thread. i am very impressed at how much like clockwork it is. Perhaps this machine like quality is why we who have penises are so easily programmed?

    Anyway, this will be the last 3am wake up post in the thread.

    Also, i am finding it easier to have lucid dreams. i guess when you know your cock is locked it is easier to recognize... Hey! In the real world this is imprisoned! i must be dreaming. i didn't put it together before, but every night so far i have been able to manipulate my dreams to my will.

    As such, they have been fantastic. If you would like details i can certainly elaborate, but for now suffice to say that when you can control your dreams everyone is either barefoot with perfect pedicures or in amazing 8 inch heels (because of course the lovely ladies In dreams all wear heels bigger than me :p).

    i am so simple it's not even funny.
  23. i has some funny dreams as well but i forget them.
  24. We had friends over all day yesterday. i am pleased to say that nobody noticed my situation. It was just a good time (and i barely even remembered i was locked away, except in the bathroom).

    i woke up several times last night. i posted a status update, but thought i might elaborate on it. i find that waking up and having to go to the washroom to literally relieve myself in 2 senses of the word as it is bladder and erection (though, both are through the same action of weeing) is rather humiliating.

    She gets to sleep through the night and i must wake to feel relief. i also get to think more about the day and what i'm going to do myself (work, etc) and what i'm going to do for Her. i am beginning to enjoy these night erections as time for reflection.

    Today i woke up early so that i could take the dog out, close the bedroom door so She isn't bothered, and then begin cleaning. i'm about halfway through my chores and i'm feeling very accomplished. And where before i may have anticipated a thank you or some form of reward, today i not only don't expect it but almost don't even want praise.

    We've gone long spells without me pleasuring myself before, so i didn't think my brain would act so differently just because of a chastity device but it very much seems that way. The simple contraption does seem to have a very reinforcing effect on my submissive self. And though i can't talk about with Her until She decides, i am still so grateful that She holds my keys... Or Her keys. Yes, Her keys is more appropriate.

    Back to my chores. i'm hoping to get done before She wakes.
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  25. Got my chores done. She was happy.

    Spent the vast majority of the day naked. Lovely Wife actually referenced my predicament by laughing at my "chained dick". Since She brought it up, i quickly reminded Her it is Her chained dick. She agreed and remarked that i don't even know where the keys are (aside from the emergency key in a signed and sealed envelope, that's true).

    i may not be able to talk to Her about it, but maybe She will poke fun more often at Her leisure. i think She's getting more comfortable with the whole thing.

    Definitely leaked a lot more today. Thankfully, i was prepared and was able to prevent a mess.

    i'm really enjoying the space my head is in these days. She might be too, but i'll ask when She gives me the okay to talk to Her about it. Until then, i will keep my mouth shut, follow orders and let Her do as She pleases.
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