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Uh oh she likes it...grinning ear to ear

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Nicoftime, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. decided to share my experience going forward in this new lifestyle. Dated for 5 months and decided to tell her about my submissive side. She isn't very Somme so I figured I had just ruined everything. And although she said she was nervous about not knowing what to do how to it, she would give it a try. Fast forward a month and she is sending me pictures of her key around her neck, making suggestive comments, using the dialog we all crave(you can't cum, etc), all and all swimming like a fish with it. Even bought a strap on to fuck her with when I can't(can't wait till she sees it she will love it).

    Last night she said I created a monster, and said she spent all day reading blogs with dominant females for some ideas. She said she had one and it wasn't on my list of no's. I have a few boundaries. 1. I don't want to be physically injured , so no ball stomping or cuts etc. 2. I am not into potty/diapers etc. 3. I don't want to be a servant butler or chores person. I do my fair share and then some, I just don't get off on it. 4. Not into cuckolding. Don't think watching her get railed by another while I sat and watched would be fun. I didn't tell her I wouldn't be opposed to 3 way but I would need to be involved. 5. She isn't into humiliation or degrading me. I don't mind playful teasing about size, or anything else, but it has to be fun and honest, not just mean for mean sake.

    So I am looking forward to our next meeting. Every week I am with my son for 3 nights and away from each other. Told her I bought a new lock and key. Didn't want it to be ordinary so I made a pendant. Bought 2 heart pendants and soldered them together. Sanded and polished it to look antique, and hope she likes it.

    Started this because I looked so hard on the Internet to find some people that were like minded, but every time I found something similar it turned into a maid service, caning, cuck, or permenant denial blog. We are just starting and not sure where she will take it, but pretty sure she is not going there, and is still excited over it.
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  2. That's fabulous, nice to hear such a positive reception to it from her. Good luck with it all, and remember to focus on the fun and how it helps develop the intimacy between you, life is more than just fantasy.
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  3. Thanks for the advice, I have noticed we've (I've) been pretty focused on this stuff lately. It's pretty new for her though and is scanning the web even more than me. We try to focuss on day to day topics for the first few hours together, later in the evening or during work hours we tend to open up more. I find myself checking my phone all day long.
    Anyway thanks, I have never felt closer to someone.
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  4. IMHO, that closeness that you are feeling is probably the result of openly communicating with her about such a private issue. That dialogue is what brings people closer and closer! Sure, there's always c=going to be some wild card or mystery involved, but discussing each of your needs & desires is really important. Well done!
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  5. Definitely talking is all ways good.

    Xx Wendy
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  6. Welcome here to the forum and the new lifestyle. It sounds like you guys are enjoying it together, many people wish for what you have, even if it is not a permanent thing. Enjoy it while you can and we are always looking to see some stories of what goes on so feel free to share!
  7. Welcome...I'm new, too. Still trying to get my wife on board. She's a bit of a puritan, but every once in a while she surprises me. So my hope is that she'll demand the keys once I tell her about it, and I'll happily give them to her. I hope she understands that this isn't some weird fantasy, that it is real...I want her to have complete control over my penis and when I use it. I'm not going to get into to whole sissy boy thing...I'm over 6 feet tall and built like a lumberjack. And cuckolding is a complete no-go as well for the same reason you gave. I am hoping for some CBT and tease and denial, but I also am averse to excessive pain, particularly in the balls...they ache enough as it is...anyway, welcome!
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    Welcome to the Mansion @Nicoftime@Nicoftime and @shadowman6@shadowman6 Communication is vital and if your wives and girlfriends listen to you both and agree then all will be well but......... in the long run, it will be their decision as to where it all leads to, wont it. :)
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  9. Suggest that you just take it slow with her, Shadowman! Once She realizes the power and control that she has at her fingertips, She will likely come around, but don't interfere with that natural evolution by pushing too hard or too early. You never know when the switch will click on and then you will be thinking about being careful what you ask for. And, don't minimize the "whole sissy boy thing", either. I was a macho, 60 year old big company executive with hundreds of people reporting to me just a few years ago! Then, my Wife/Mistress began to control and feminize me, little by little, and now, 5 years later, I'm her 6'2", 240 lb sissy who loves to be in lingerie and heels each day! I'm loving it!
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  10. It sure will...let's see where she takes it!
  11. It will indeed...let's see where she goes with it!
  12. A lot has happened since my last post, she has fully absorbed her role as my KH and mistress. She discovered she likes discipline play, restraints, and all the edging, teasing and denial, and lost her feelings of guilt that sometimes I don't cum. She however does not want me locked all the time, she usually unlocks me 4 days a week for edging, and she likes me to fuck her. I usually don't get to cum, but it's her call not mine so am fine with her decisions. I do lose a lot of my subbieness after I cum but it's all about her for me. She has recently said she wants to start ruining my orgasms...maybe others had more experience with this, but to me I still cum, still lose erection and wanna eat a sandwich. But then again maybe mine weren't ruined right. Anyway, she still isn't into the cuck stuff(good), and one of my limits is extreme pain and cutting. No ball torture or blood. So we are both still on the same page.

    On a side note I have recently been to the doctor(was taking a long time to cum and my breasts were sore and sensitive), was told I have an inability to convert all of my testosterone, long story short, I'm going to have some orgasm and maybe erection problems in my future. Weird huh, finally meet someone I can share my Chastity desires with, and find out I will be having orgasm and erection problems.

    I was born with som intersex issues, I've known about them since I was a child having surgeries, and my doctor said between that, my age, and recent vasectomy, it might have triggered a reversion of my receptors.

    I know a lot of the members would be thrilled with the prospect of losing erections, difficulty cumming, or growing breasts. I am not. I am submissive, but have no desire to be a woman, act like one, or dress like one. Of course I have played around with it at one time or another, actually wore women's undies most of my life(I'm small and they fit better they were regular Hanes or plain), but am not comfy with the idea of my body changing, and especially worried about my KH feeling disgusted with my appearance. She said she won't but still nervous about what exactly will happen to me.

    More than likely it will look like I have some man boobs a lil, can get erections and cum but have to work at both. He did say there was an alternative treatment of estrogen blocker I can try if my liver is healthy enough to take it.

    Update over, I'm happy with my KH, she likes being a KH, and our relationship has been deepened by our communication.
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  13. We are driving to the piercing shop to get my Prince Albert right now, super nervous!
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  14. Wanna eat a sandwich! :D:D:D
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  15. Interim cage arrived and was thoroughly tested...her cock can not bust out lol. I had missed the evening worship, and overslept the morning one. Punishment is on its way, but she was still reeling from her pleasure and will add it to next. She sent me some pics this morning that instantly filled my cage, and she said more were coming today, was going to keep me nice and fuzzy all day.

    I was in the middle of really going at it with her last night(doggy with strap on), when she panted "oh my god your cage is hitting my clit". I'm not sure if it's in the handbook, but it should be, pushed all my buttons, and helped me really want to give her a good lay.

    She never once tried to uncage me or give me any reciprocation. I was just on edge and wanted to cum, but 2 minutes after I had calmed down was glad she didn't allow it.

    This morning she told me she was glad to have a key again, and I am so lucky to have her.
  16. Ok I've looked all over the Internet and tried to cypher what that saying means...I'm stuck. What does "wanna eat a sandwich" mean?
  17. Er... I have literally no idea. I can't even remember writing that, let alone what I meant.

    Sorry! I shall ponder.
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  18. Lol, no worries, just wondering if it was some new slang I wasn't hip on!
  19. I just found out that if a kid says"Netflix and chill" means come over for sex. Lol
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  20. Another evening of oral pleasure with some fingering, she seemed to get off a few times. Pre cum was leaking from my forcibly flacid member, dribbling down the piercing ring. She was too tired too give me my punishment for missing both an evening and morning worship. She told me she had not forgotten and to brace myself for later.
  21. Wow I'm 25 and I didn't even know that. LOL
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  22. As mentioned in another thread, she has gotten the hang of ruined orgasms, did it twice and let me cum a few days ago. Was just a little over 2 weeks and was amazing. Not really into the begging thing, like to think I can handle about anything. But I would have begged after the second ruined o if she hadn't already decided to let me cum. I was jello.

    Received my punishment, wasn't too terrible, 25 smacks on my bottom. Got off a little easy because I built her a spanking horse. Padded top, loops and buckles for restraints, the whole shebang.

    During morning worship, she asked me if I was ready to actually have sex, said we could try, wasn't sure if piercing was healed enough. Was a lik painful at first but after an adjustment was amazing. Lasted about a min I think, been awhile since I had been in her. She said it was a reward for something, not sure what but not going to question it. She said if I liked that I was going to love phase 2 of reward. So not sure what's happening next, just the way I like it.
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  23. She has to get up early tomorrow morning so whatever she had planned will have to wait,. She felt bad for getting my hopes up for something, but I was like"waiting doesn't seem like a problem for me" we laughed and will get to her plan when she is ready.
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  24. Great account of your journey! Thanks so much for sharing and good luck in the future! Funny, I'm now craving a sandwich too lol!
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  25. Was going through Loctober fine, but she wanted to play a bit. Then she stopped edging me and asked me to ruin my orgasm for her. So I took myself to the edge and dribble dribble, that's one. She wanted me to do it again so I did. That one was more but was still hard so know it worked.

    Was weird touching myself again, it had been so long. Anyway, she said I could sleep without the cage that night.

    This morning after doing my morning worship of her pussy, I was on top of her and uncaged. Well next thing you know I was kinda inside. We went at it for a while, had to stop her a few times so I didn't cum, but the last time I had to pull out completely. While I was concentrating on not cumming, my ring n my penis touched her belly and shot me over the edge. It just shot out on her and nothing I could do about it. Very disappointed in myself for not stopping in time. It wasn't ruined or anything, went soft in 15 seconds, I was spent.

    Sex with the new piercing is different, will have to watch my limits if we play like that again.
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