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Married with children: Chastity Edition

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Steve-0, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Well, I've been on the site for a bit now, and decided I should probably start a journal; both for myself and to glean any advice from you experienced fellas/ladies as things progress. I hope to write at least one entry a day, no matter how short, so we'll see how that goes.

    A little background:

    We met about 14 years ago. I was a young college student/night club DJ and she was hooking up with my best bud. When I first saw her I told another friend, "Don't you ever let that girl near me," because I knew I'd fall for her madly. Naturally we found ourselves alone a few days later and things got hot, quick.
    Things weren't serious between her and my friend, so he bowed out graciously.

    Fast forward nearly a decade and a half: we have 3 awesome kids who keep us crazy busy, busy work lives, a dog, fish, white picket fence, and a kinky sex life.

    We've always been switchy. She likes spanking sessions. I like to be pegged. She likes hair pulling and choking. I like being forced to wear panties to work. We always have something new and fun on the go.

    Enter male chastity.
    A few months ago during a seriously naughty texting session (while I was at work) my lady started going at me for stealing her dirty panties for jerk off purposes and decided right then and there that my "little" cock needed to be locked up for her amusement only (for reference I do pack an 8 incher...strange how teasing is such a huge turn on), and here we are!

    First purchases were a cheap steel cage which I thought would fit (didn't too well but I'm getting used to it until a more suitable device comes), a prostate massager (she dreams of making me cum while locked), and a big, big, big dildo for me to use on her since my little penis won't be allowed to satisfy her very often (she sure is becoming a size queen...who am I kidding she's always been). I have since ordered a CB6K which should be arriving tomorrow. Hopefully we can sort out sizing issues with the many different options.

    So here we are. A few teasing sessions while locked have been a lot of fun, she's had some great orgasms, and a lot more love and attention than usual (and that's saying something). I hope this journey continues on as well as its begun.

    Also, finding this website has been a blessing, and all those I've met here seem genuine and kind. I look forward to sharing this trip with all of you :)
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  2. I look forward to reading your exploits @Steve-0@Steve-0
  3. Very interested in how this will develop in Your family
  4. You certainly seem to be going into this with what we think is the right attitude. Big grins on your faces and a quest to see how much fun you can have. My Wife laughs so much when she is teasing me. I am sure it would be seen as bad form at a bdsm club but she doesn't care, she is having fun.

    It can be a bit of a roller coaster for both of you when you first get going. When you really truly realise what you have given up, such as free access to your ability to orgasm, and when she has doubts about whether she is being cruel. Given time and plenty of communication you will both get over those blips.

    Just make sure you keep having fun.
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    Welcome to the Mansion. @Steve-0@Steve-0 Hope it helps.
  6. Welcome to the mansion, have the same busy life as you but only two kids, finding time to be kinky and run a family home a bit difficult at time but also fun.

    Look forward to hearing about your journey
  7. I'm married with 3 children as well. Life is BUSY
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  8. Thanks for all of the interest, people :)

    Well, I'm currently sitting here waiting for my new device to arrive. Feeling kind of under the weather and so is my lady. She's staying home from work, which is nice, even if it's because she's sick.

    I was locked up for the majority of last week in a cheapo steel cage, and quite a bit of fun was had, but afterwards we found that it caused me a bit of damage, so I'm free as a bird for now (although I'm not allowed to touch myself in any naughty way). I feel like I've healed up enough to put on my new cage if it comes.

    Anyways, I will update when it arrives. Maybe with pics. Is that a thing? Yes...? No...?
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  9. Of course the CB6K showed up as I was stepping out to go to work yesterday, so I had to spend my entire shift overly excited to try it on. Torture.
    As soon as I got home I showered and got to work. All I have to say is that those things are quite the project! So many pieces.
    It is also very, very narrow for me, but I used the stocking method and did manage to get in (will need a bit of practice to get the foreskin placed in a happy way). I am wearing the biggest spacer and 1.75 base for now and will start fiddling around with different sizing options.
    Once in, I found it to be comfortable and lightweight, which is nice since my other device probably weighs near a pound :(

    I wore it through the night with no issues until woken up by the morning wood, which as always is painful. I have a theory that an oval base ring will eliminate a lot of this as my pain is caused by the vas deferens being cut off in the base ring and kind of swelling/getting angry. A little more space will make a big difference, I think.

    My lady is still sick and grumpy, but is nonetheless excited for what fun the new cage will bring.
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  10. Last night I tried the 2 inch base ring as I thought it might help with the ball pain in the morning. It did definitely work, but I can get almost fully hard in it as it just pushes the cage away from my body. So now I think I'll go the other way, smaller, to see if it can stop erections before they can cause me pain. We'll see!

    After I put my cage on last night I woke my lovely lady with some nice licking which ended in a orgasm for her and nothing for me. Going by what she's been saying on here (she joined yesterday) I think I'm in for it over the next few days. Excited!
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  11. Well, it's been crazy around here today. Family medical emergency. So this'll be pretty short.

    I'm now down to the third biggest base ring (1.5?) and second largest spacer and it seems to really fit well. I can't really even begin to get hard as it holds the cage closer to my body. It's just kind of a sad struggle. Ha! I have noticed a bit more chafing underneath (burning sensation) but I hope this subsides a bit with time.

    Playtime tonight if my lady feels up to it. I'd pretty much do anything in the world for her right now and I've only been locked up for 48 hours. Its interesting and very exciting. I just want to touch her.

    This is going to be a hell of a ride.
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  12. Amazing, intense, first real tease and denial after being locked up for over 48 hours. I honestly can't even put into words how it felt. Breathtaking and terrible all in one. I felt like tearing the cage off and taking her how I pleased but relished giving over control and seeing the pleasure in her eyes.
    Good times.
    Unlocked right now just for a bit of relaxation. Had a few hot spots and she's letting me take it easy. I'm feeling sick today so no danger of doing anything naughty.
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  13. Oh and I guess I should 'fess up to a little infraction (since she already posted it in her journal). When she let me out this morning I did muscle my way in for a couple of minutes of PIV. She does like me to take what I want so it was hot stuff for both of us. No orgasms were had.
    Now she's threatened a spanking tonight for punishment which will definitely be a first (she gets spankings fairly regularly though!).
    Not sure how I feel about that, but she's the boss now...
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  14. You are in for it I think
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  15. Well after my naughty rule breaking yesterday morning my lady sure got back at me. We went to our room at bedtime and there lying on the bed was the big big strap on for me....to use on her!
    It was the first time I've ever worn one and I have to say a cock thats not yours is hard to wield. However, I think I'm going to have more practice. ;)
    She rode that thing like I've never seen her on my cock. But maybe it's just because I had so much time not thinking about what I was feeling. Don't know and don't care. It was torture to have her that close to me while my cock was locked up in its tiny cage. Phew!
    She had one orgasm with the dildo and my mouth and one a bit later because I just can't keep my hands off her.
    After the dildo play out came the prostate massager. It's one of her life goals, I believe, to successfully milk me hands-free. Now, this time was absolutely incredible and I would have bet money that cum was dribbling out of me, but it turned out that I just had a huge (felt like 5 minutes) prostate orgasm. I felt very satisfied (but still crazy horny) even though my cock had zero involvement. Definitely a new experience for me.

    I guess I'm on day 4 of being locked with very little release for cleaning and a bit of play. Feeling pretty good about it and no issues at work even though I'm constantly moving around. I'm already a pro at the urinal. My only complaint is maybe a few small hot spots between the cage and base ring where some skin is bunched up and kind of sits pressed up against the cage. A little red but not raw. I've applied some baby powder and if I'm lucky my lovely wife might let me out to inspect.

    All in all I think we are having a great time with this and I hope things continue to be this great as we move forward.
  16. I missed a day! I was feeling rather shitty all day so didn't get around to writing and there wasn't much playtime either :(

    Luckily my lady is keeping her journal which basically mirrors mine so no big deal.

    Anyways, so I guess I'm going on 6 days locked up with little free time. It's actually been a lot easier than I thought. I don't feel too sexually frustrated and not for lack of teasing from my wife. The whole situation feels okay, even natural. I have a theory that I do in fact get sexual release when I give my lady an orgasm. If she ignored me completely for 6 days Id be starting to lose it for sure. Who knows!

    I do have some wear and tear from my cage (which is clearly a bit too small). Just a few red spots and pinch marks from getting back in, nothing serious. It's sad to see your cock marked up though, when it's not from copious amounts of sex activity!

    Yesterday my wife came up with a game of chance with various "rewards" such as a ruined orgasm, anal sex (but no cum), lick her ass while she masturbates, etc, which I was very excited to try but couldn't due to feeling ill. Hopefully today I get to try my luck. It's pretty strange that I'm hoping for the ruined orgasm, but I am. I don't even really remember my last proper orgasm. Crazy.
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  17. I started with a series of disasters from three rubbish devices, one of which was a cb6k knock off. The damn thing tried to chew my balls off. What it did do was show me what size ring I needed and I used that information when I ordered my Holy Trainer. The HTv2 isn't for everyone but the oval ring was for me the rescuer of all things chastity based. The instant I put it on I knew it was going to work. It just felt better. When I get a metal device, as one day I hopefully (surely?) will I will make sure it has a similar ring.

    One of the things we like about the HT is the simplicity of the device in comparison to the cb6k. It is just the ring, the tube, and the locking mechanism. That is it. A bit of Vaseline around where the device touches my body and on it goes. As I say it isn't for everyone, in fact it seems to be hated by as many who love it.
  18. Yes love pics
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  19. Things have been a bit slow around here lately, with sicknesses and the fact that the cage has given me a few minor sores. We've also been at the hockey rink pretty much constantoy.
    Fiddling around with how to put on the cage in order to eliminate hot spots and pinches. We are going to order in the curve cage as I hope it'll be big enough to eliminate all of the bunching and pushing into the end of the cage so hard.
    Kids are headed to Grandma's today, which should allow for a little bit of fun.
  20. I guess I've been having a hard time with all of this lately. The cage we are using is decidedly too small, causing lots of pressure sores and the like. I feel like I'm constantly worried about bad spots or taking time off for healing. I hope this isn't how it's supposed to be. It seems that fighting with equipment really takes away from focussing on my lovely wife and the benefits of chastity. I am also having a hard time with nights in chastity which was to be expected and is probably exacerbated by the cage being off-size.
    I will either be ordering the curve cage this week or a MM shortly afterwards. We might actually have to do both as I think hanging on in this thing for 6 to 8 weeks waiting for a custom piece won't be possible.
    My lady has showed concern for me during this whole thing, which is very nice. And although I know she really is into this, I wouldn't do it if it caused me problems I couldnt deal with. I also wouldn't do it unless I was ok with the kink itself. Some days I'm more into it than others, but I'm sure that's par for the course.
  21. Take it off. If it isn't working, if you are being hurt, just take it off.

    Obviously all of us get something different out of this but surely, at the core, it should be fun. It doesn't sound like you are having fun.

    Don't give up on chastity, just give up this device.
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  22. Kinda on the last try right now, made a few changes so we'll see. Thanks for your concern :)
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  23. And it is still fun. Just up and down. I think it could be so, so much more.
  24. Well, that's the end of the cb6k. Just too small. We should have another, bigger device by the end of the week.
    I also reached out to an awesome custom manufacturer and should have something on the go within a couple of days (super excited for this, I think it's the only way I'm going to be truly comfortable enough to enjoy the lifestyle).
    Onwards and upwards!
  25. Good luck! Good move letting go if its not a perfect fit.